The so-called ‘difficult’ third album finds Live in top form with a collection of anthemic songs which reinforce the promise which was indicated by the ‘Throwing Copper‘ album of storming, exhilarating, grungerock as this young quartet continue on their merry way towards certain gargantuan global conquest.

Opening with the wide open ‘Rattlesnake‘, a song of driving ringing guitars, it is followed by the first single ‘Lakini’s Juice‘ with its quirky grinding riff before giving way to the uplifting ‘Graze‘ which swings like a pendulum from pensive verses to towering choruses. ‘Everybody’s here, puke stinks like beer’ is the opening line to the staggering ‘Century’, a song that is the prelude to ‘Ghosts’ which is in a similar vein to that of ‘Graze‘. ‘Unsheathed‘ is a 95% laidback offering only disected briefly by the irate twitching chorus (‘free love was just another party for the hippies to ruin…I can’t afford to add up what you f@$*ers are made of’.

Insomnia And The Hole In The Universe‘ is more upbeat, while ‘Turn My Head‘ is an exalting number, luxuriant with strings throughout, showing the more delicate side of the band, while ‘Heropsychodreamer‘ is a contrasting offering of trashing guitars and drums. Most interesting lyrical track is the disturbing ‘Freaks‘(if the mother goes to bed with you…if the mother bears your children…you little f@4*er…..will you call her a freak..will you call them freaks… or will you call them gods’. ‘Merica‘ is an upbeat number, preceding ‘Gas Hed Heads West‘ which is another soft verse/upbeat chorus which draws the album to its cessation. A cross between REM and Pearl Jam I recommend that you check them out.

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