Daniel Denecke – Interview with Scotland Calling (Scottish Music Network)

SMN : – How would you explain the sort of music you play to people that have not heard of yourself?

DANIEL DENECKE: – I guess its acoustic rock/pop. Strong emotional with a lot of passion.

SMN – What inspired you to record some of the new martial with Mike Peters?

DANIEL DENECKE: – 1985 I saw a band called THE ALARM, playing at ROCK AM RING, Germany. I was so impressed by their positive energy, the performance, The power…, especially by the singer MIKE PETERS. At this time I started learning guitar and writing songs for myself and I Was dreaming about doing the same like this Band, one day. Writing songs, playing on stage, travelling around…It sounds naive, I know, But I wanted to do that and now I’m doing it. A few years later I heard about, that MIKE will play solo in Germany. I tried to get in contact with his record company told them about my Influences…and somehow it was possible to open some shows for him. Sometimes dreams are coming true!!! In Munich during his encore he invited me on stage to “celebrate” KNOCKING ON HEAVENS DOOR. Cool!!! During that tour I started to record my second album: “Further to return”. I’ve asked him, if he likes to sing backing vocals on it. Big surprise: He did it for a song, called: talk, talk, talk. Now, MIKE PETERS is on my new record. And talk, talk, talk, is coming out as a single (May’99) It’s incredible. I’m very happy!!!

SMN:- We know at the moment you are about to start touring Germany, when do you think we can expect to see you in the UK again?

DANIEL DENECKE: – At the moment I’m playing a lot of unplugged gigs in Germany to promote my new album. It’s a very special tour ’cause I’m touring with a cello – and violin player!!! In April, I’m on Tour with RUNRIG and BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST. But in the second part of this year I’d like to play some gigs in the U.K. Again let you know, first…

SMN : – How do you feel has been you biggest influence throughout the years?

DANIEL DENECKE: – I don’t know if the following artists influenced me, but I love their style and music: Tracy Chapman, Jeffrey Gaines, Stephan Eicher, Rodger Hodgson, Neil Young and a singer called Mike Peters.

SMN :– The last time I saw you over here you where supporting Mike Peters, do you think you gained a lot of new fans during that tour?

DANIEL DENECKE: – I’ve met a lot of lovely people. And I’m still in contact with some of them. Hope to see them all again on my next tour in the U.K.

SMN : – What is your favourite track off the new album and why?

DANIEL DENECKE: – PASSENGERS, because of the lyrics. I guess these are the deepest, strongest lyrics on the new album! “We are passengers in life, wasting precious time…”

SMN : – Have you got anything-planned special for the Millennium?

DANIEL DENECKE: – First want to record an acoustic album with songs from my both albums. Pure, only with acoustic guitar & cello. It’s coming out January’2000. And I’d like to play some shows in the USA!!!

SMN : – What is your favourite guitar that you use?

DANIEL DENECKE: – LAKEWOOD, it’s a very natural sound.

SMN : – Do you play any other musical instruments?

DANIEL DENECKE: – A little bit piano.

SMN :-Did you get music lessons or self taught?

DANIEL DENECKE: – No lessons. (Straight from the heart)

SMN : – Which guitarist do you admire at the moment for what they have achieved?

DANIEL DENECKE: – Brychan, a singer from Wales!!!

SMN : – What sort of music do you listen to at home?

DANIEL DENECKE: – Jewel, Elliot Smith, …look at answer No.4!

SMN : – What band do you like at present?

DANIEL DENECKE: – U2, Manic Street Preachers, …

We would like to thank Daniel for taking time out and chatting with us.

Interviewed by James Scotland Calling (Scottish Music Network)

Interview Featured in Scotland Calling Issue 4 January 2000

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