CAFOLLA talks to Scottish Music Network and “1985” single release.

We caught up with Marco from Cafolla before the release of his new single “1985”, a single that falls right in today as it did in “1985”. Have a listen to the new single and it will have you hooked with catchy lyrics and toe tapping music.

“1985” released 7th September 2019.

Here is what Marco had to say to James at Scottish Music Network

Hi Marco thanks for speaking with us, tell us about your Cafolla, and what you can expect to hear from your music?

Hi James, thanks for having me.  CAFOLLA is my solo project that started with me writing lyrics about the world over the last few years, it was almost therapy getting my thoughts & observations down on paper.  You can feel quite helpless watching the world change (Brexit, Trump, Farage etc.) and these events do trickle down to affect us all, so I just felt better to say/write these lyrics down.  Once I connected the dots and put it to music – I had an album (COWBOYS & AFRICANS) on my hands.  What you’ll hear from this album is Truth, Soul & Motivation to take control of our lives, all set against a beast of a band playing for every note.

Were did the name Cafolla come from?

CAFOLLA is my (sur)name.  I was trying to come up with a ‘cool’, ‘clever’ name for this project, but since these are thoughts and opinions from me, I decided to make that clear by going under my own name.  It also represents family, my blood family and also the family of musicians that came together to make this music with me, they are all my family, so it was right to be under my name.

You new single is out this week called 1985, it has strong lyrics about this year and 80’s generation. What sort of reaction are you looking for from this single?

Like with all the songs on the album, there are some quite strong and cutting lyrics on “1985”, so I want people to strongly agree (or disagree) with what I’m saying.  I’m questioning the society we live and function in, and who it ultimately serves, and I’m asking the question ‘what can we do about it if we don’t like what’s happening to us all?’  I choose the 80s because there was a big boom in consumerism / yupp-ism throughout that period, but I’m drawing parallels to now because it’s never been so rife as it is today, again society has set it up this way with 24hr everything and the instant gratification culture we’re constantly immersed in.  I chose the year “1985” as in ‘Back to the Future 2”, that’s the year the alternate timeline happened, Hill Valley went to sh*t and they got the Trump-like Biff Tannen running the town.  They actually modelled him on 80s Trump….it was an open goal. 

Do you feel the strong political feelings in the song, you can use to your advantage?

I just hope it inspires or at the very least make people think about what’s going on.  As I said before, I feel helpless sometimes with the world changing and I’m sure I’m not the only one.  The recurring message throughout the album is that we all count, and together we can make a difference.   The political messages might put off some listeners or radio stations, but I can only write about what’s important to me if I want it to be real.

What style of music would you class your music in? There are vibes of 70’s disco along with soulful melodies running through the song?

I hate this question simply because I don’t know myself lol.  If I had to pick a category I’d only say SOUL, because it’s from my SOUL.  I’m definitely influenced by artists like TALKING HEADS, STEVIE WONDER, PRINCE, BOWIE, so I would be more than happy to be put in any category they belong too.  Everyone wants to label & categorise your music, I understand why we do it, but sometimes it doesn’t do the music any justice. For example “1985” has got a Prince vibe/sound but the lyrics are a commentary on consumerism & deal with the social consciousness.  Should we label it Funk or Political / Protest?  It’s both for sure, but I could miss out on a festival because they think it’s one or the other.  It could belong on any stage, on any festival as it’s music made from the Soul – that’s what drives it!

Can you tell us a bit about the album title “Cowboys and Africans”.

The concept behind ‘Cowboys & Africans’ is that all humans originate from Africa (at one point in history) so as laymen, we are all ‘Africans’. The ‘Cowboys’ reference is to the people in positions of power, who take advantage of the everyday person (or those they have power over).  Musically it refers to African infused sounds of Fela Kuti, Talking Heads and D’Angelo, and the ‘Spaghetti Western’ soundtracks of Ennio Morricone & James Brown’s ‘The Payback’ to name a few.

We have noticed you have done a lot of work over the years with “Federation of the Disco Pimp” can you tell us more about this?

My other baby!  A lot of people have said how excited they are to hear my ‘solo project’ but in truth ‘Federation’ is just as much that as ‘CAFOLLA’.  I write for, and lead both.  My heart and soul are 100% in both and I have had the most amazing experiences so far with ‘Federation’.  We recorded our last album ‘INAMORATA’ in Brooklyn, NYC with Grammy nominated producer/engineer Joel Hamilton, we were house band on BBCOne’s ‘Tonight at the Games’ during the Commonwealth Games in 2014.  We’ve collaborated with Pee Wee Ellis (James Brown) & supported the likes of Nile Rodgers & Chic, George Clinton & Parliament, Sister Sledge, Craig Charles (the list goes on).  Plus we won a bunch of Cultural Awards for Performance & Band against competition like Scottish Opera & Ballet.  I couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve achieved so far.  We took away the ‘Fake moustaches, Flare trousers, Cheese’ perceptions of Funk music and legitimised it again in the U.K through dedication, hard work and belief!  I’ll bring these qualities to ‘CAFOLLA’, the main difference between both then is ‘CAFOLLA’ deals with the politics and is all song based, where ‘FEDERATION’ can go back to Horn-Heavy Funk, Hard Hitting grooves.

Do you have any plans on taking Cafolla on the road in the near future?

Absolutely!  I’m working on an album release date as we speak, and a launch show (& hopefully tour) will follow.  They’ll be a BIG launch in Glasgow later on the year plus a listening playback party of the album all in my hometown.  These we’re pledge options in my Kickstarter campaign that I smashed, through the love and generosity of my fans, so it will truly be a celebration and party for them and to all the amazing musicians, engineers & art producers who made this album a reality AND of course my Family & Friends who are always behind me – all of these are not mutually exclusive.  

One last question for anyone that has not heard your single give us a sentence to what would make them go and have a listen and buy your single?

If you are fed up with all the generic  ‘same sounding’ music, with no Soul or message, or novelty ‘music’ or ‘whacky covers’– seek out “1985’.




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