Meat Loaf You never know whom you will meet on the Internet!

During one of major spring cleans, I decided to sell off quite a number of my records from my djing days, so after about a week my auctions began to finish on E-bay auction site, when I received this e-mail asking me could I deliver the 7” vinyl to his concert in Glasgow.

This I thought was just someone playing a joke on me, so we played along with it and he offered us guest list pass’s and pass’s to meet him back stage, so as time went on my thoughts were saying is or isn’t it. So my wife and I got ready and dropped the kid off at the baby-sitters for the evening, then headed off to the Scottish Exhibition & Conference centre to meet and deliver the item. We asked at the box office about the pass’s and they said that they hadn’t arrived to them yet, now I was thinking here we go someone has played a major joke on us, as we looked around to see if we could see anyone that might be there to find out if we turned up or not. After about 10 minutes I tried the box office again and this time the tickets and pass’s where there waiting for us to go and meet Mr. Meat Loaf himself, after meeting the his manager and exchanging items he asked if we wanted anything signed, we had picked up a tour program at a very good price of £7.00 and great value for money. So we passed the program on to him and he came right back out with it and said for us to wait here and Meat Loaf would be out to meet us soon.

After about a few minutes the man came out to meet some winners from Radio Stations who won a chance to meet him and get a photo or two took with him. Then this bloke came up to us and started chatting to us and he seemed to know a lot about the e-mail meeting with us, and started chatting about the Internet and things. Now was our chance to meet him, he walked over and greeted us with a warm handshake and the first thing he said was, ‘Did you think it was me at the other end of theses e-mail’s?’ of course my reply was no I thought it was someone messing around. Then he told us about his house getting flooded and how he had lost quite a bit of things and was just starting to find them about the website for sale.

Then regarding people playing jokes on folk, he started telling us how, he meet this chap that was pretending to be him and so he played along with it and started asking him ‘What movie are you working on at the moment and how many has that been?’, of course the chap pretending hadn’t a clue what he was up to regarding movies, this seems to be a really big thing that he totally dislikes. At one point he happened to be in the same town as the person, but didn’t find out until a few days later. As he says he would just love to meet him!

The tour manager was talking about the fanzine and how this would make a really good story for it, Meat loaf reply ‘It sure would, you never can tell who you are chatting with at the other end of your telephone line.’, I think that is the problem with the Internet the fact that you never know who you are chatting with by e-mail or on a chat page. As I said to him this is going to be one e-mail chats that I will remember for a long-time. So to finish off we told him that we had put a copy of the Fanzine in the package and thanked him very much for the invite to meet him and for the show passes. He said he would have a read through the fanzine and hoped we enjoyed the show, he also said that it was no problem with the pass’s made it a lot easier to exchange items, and the fact that he was playing Glasgow, he felt that he should ask us to come down and see the show. So as the headline goes you never know whom you Will Meet on the Internet.

Thank you Meat Loaf for taking some time to chat with us.

By James Edmond

Interview Featured in Scotland Calling Issue 4 January 2000 (Scottish Music Network)