CONCERT REVIEW : The Snuts 25th October 2022, 02 Academy Glasgow

The Snuts 25th October 2022, 02 Academy Glasgow

My first encounter with The Snuts was on a 75 bus in Glasgow hurtling towards TRNSMT in 2018 …. Well, it was the first I’d HEARD of them. 

The top deck was heaving with a ‘buzzing young team’, Glasgow speak for excited young people, engaging in the much loved Scottish tradition of pre-drinks, in this instance, ‘bus cans’, when a boy called across to his pals opposite, “Here! Whit time’s The Snuts oan?” Being over 30, my boyfriend and I had no viable clue who / what they were talking about, our priority that day didn’t stretch to the warm-up. In hindsight, we should have swerved our beers in Merchant City and took heed and found out EXACTLY what time The Snuts were on!

Fast forward to 2022 and now we do know, and we’re here (among the young team) at Glasgow’s 02 Academy to see exactly what all the fuss is about … Fresh from the release of their second offering, “Burn The Empire”, The Snuts cut cool, relaxed figures as they take to the stage, a far cry from the palpable hysteria which threatens to tear through their crowd (and potentially blow the roof off).

With an impressive 13 singles already under their skinny belts, a chunk of their setlist could have been predicted, but each track whipped the audience into a frenzy even crazier than the last; “Glasgow”, “Pigeons In New York”, “Knuckles”, “All Your Friends”, “Zuckerpunch” and “The Rodeo”; the last of which elevated an already rowdy affair into an absolute free for all, with at least 4 mosh pits going simultaneously.

Frontman, Jack Cochrane leads the band in more ways than one, his placement in FRONT of his bandmates seemed unusual, but not misjudged. Cochrane looked perfectly at ease with the chaos ensuing around him, as if he was born for it and expected nothing less of a crowd he was at the centre of; he had the punters by the throat from the off, but it seemed effortless, like he wasn’t even trying, it just comes natural. 

Presenting younger than his years, Cochrane exuded an air of unexpected savvy when he spoke of crime in under privileged areas a la Edinburgh and Glasgow and reminded the young team that they “are the next generation of voters” and encouraged them to “stand up for their city” followed by a particularly haunting, “13”. Cochrane could have gone Bono on us and exhausted his platform to push politics, but it was understated, yet more than made his point.

Chants of “F&*k The Tories” punctuated the gap between EVERY single track and a particularly zesty rendition of “Burn The Empire” on the same day ANOTHER Conservative Prime Minister was confirmed spoke for itself, and said more than even Bono could.

The Snuts performed to a level that 02 Academy was made for; it’s a wee venue that I always try and see “up and comers” in because it could well be the gig that sees them graduate to the big leagues, from which there is rarely a return. I have seen more gigs in there than I can count, but I haven’t seen anything quite like THAT. Closing with a slice of Gorillaz and “Fatboy Slim” pushed the envelope even more and the band bowed out on the kind of dizzying high that already shows they’ve outgrown venues like this one.

I’ve learned my lesson; the young team might be drinking cheap cider and talking in a language you don’t understand, but just SOMETIMES, they really do know what they’re on about.

Review by Siobhanne Beattie

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