“You’ve no idea what this means to me”

SWG3 in Glasgow is a cracking complex of different size venues and tonight BROOKE COMBE played the space called the TV STUDIO. This, all standing, space holds approx 1,000 people and tonight it’s sold out for the homecoming of Brooke Combe.

The crowd is made up of a huge age range; 14 years old right up until it reaches the age of the SMN reviewer and photographer! The crowd were slow in filling the hall but as the main support band – ELLUR – took to the stage it filled up nicely and continued to swell as the set gained momentum. The 23 year old Halifax girl is infectious from the off as she tears through some really good, self penned indie pop.

Ellur’s confidence is sky high and her stage presence is superb for one so young and her band were tight throughout. After Ellur proclaimed it was her birthday she was treated to a rousing rendition of “Happy Birthday” by the crowd after which she let it be known she was “on it” and after the gig she would be found partaking in a Saturday night in Glasgow.

The songs about boys, break up’s and life in general were and the pop sensibility they were played with were the ideal combination to warm up the crowd for the main act… I think we’ll be seeing more of Ellur really soon.

 As is usually the case with the slick stage crew at SWG3, the wait for the star of the evening was short.

The band made their way on stage in almost total darkness to take up their positions as the driving force behind what everyone hoped would be a night of banging tunes and immense vocals. Then the person they had all come to see appeared and the ovation was huge; impressive for one so young and relatively new to headlining this size of venue.

Brooke looked every inch the pop star in her white halter neck top and blue jeans… topped off with some cool sunglasses and impressive braided hair. She couldn’t have looked happier as she surveyed the venue; it was her venue for a short time and she planned to own it!

 Brooke disclosed to the crowd that tonight “very nearly didn’t happen” as she had been suffering with throat and vocal issues; so much so, she had to postpone the previous arranged gig. Then the big smile became a huge smile as she told the crowd “You’ve no idea what this means to me”… she was wrong, they knew and they would drive her through any vocal issues that might appear and try to ruin her big night… This wasn’t just Brooke’s night; this was Glasgow’s night with one of Scotland’s brightest stars in their midst.

 Let’s give special mention to the voice that she was worried about… it was immense! The power and the anger in her delivery is beyond her years and when you put her image into the mix she is utterly spell binding.

A highlight of the night was Brooke’s mum… she is an absolute star. Complete with her AAA pass she joined the photographers in the pit and, with the biggest smile in the whole of Glasgow that night she enthusiastically and joyfully supported her daughter front and centre stage. She had the most infectious laugh and anyone in her company had no choice but to be happy… brilliant to see and long may it continue as Brooke starts to play bigger headline shows in bigger venues.

 A fantastic night all round.

Review & Photographs by John Brown

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