CONCERT REVIEW : The Silencers SWG3 Glasgow 17th December 2022

The Silencers – SWG3 Glasgow 17th December 2022

A chilly night in Glasgow as The Silencers return for their annual Christmas show in the city. This year the venue was up graded to SWG3 main room. Allowing for the demand to see the band play. Tonight, had that special feel about as the fans arrived early to catch up with friends and gain the perfect spot in the venue to see the homecoming show.

John Rush opened the show with this excellent acoustic set full of upbeat music and chat that had the crowd laughing and taking in his songs and music. John is a perfect warm up for tonight as the fans have grown to his songs.

As the lights dimmed and the into music started playing, the venue was gearing up for a night to remember. The excitement of seeing and hearing the band back in the city for the regular annual Christmas show after the shows were cancelled due to the covid the last time. Tonight, was special as the images of the band you could see heading to their spots on the stage before the stage lights gently filled the stage. The opening chord of A Letter from St. Paul began to play as Aura start spoken word over the music to give it a powerful and intriguing atmospheric feel. It was also of the show as the band burst in to Painted Moon that had the venue dancing along and singing with their raised voices. This was the fans in Glasgow first chance to hear the amazing vocals of lead Singer Jimmy O’Neil. His vocals as powerful today as they were back in the when they were opening for the likes of Simple Minds etc.

Tonight, the band were going back to the start, and this is delighting the hometown fans as the captured the moment with the excellent I See Red. This took you right back to the days of the Barrowland and even to one of the student union Christmas party in the Tunnel in Glasgow, this was going way back to the early nineties, the band always know how to put on a party show for all types of nights and tonight is one of those special ones.

As they worked their way through the set the big hitters were starting to show as the hometown crowd where in full voice to the likes of Scottish Rain, Sylvie and Cellar of Dreams. The fans dancing and singing from the front of the venue to the rear as the hits filled the venue. Aura took to the mic to perform the beautiful Partytime in Heaven, which had the hometown crowd in fine voice singing along word for word. It was just a beautiful moment.

The time had come as the set was getting close to the end fans favourites like I Want You, Bulletproof Heart and a song about our proud city The awesome The Real McCoy. As James O’Neil played the famous intro to, I Can Feel It the venue went wild with dancing and voice, you could see the delight on Jimmy, Aura and the rest of the bands faces as the noise level just turned up to the max in the venue. The band left the stage one by one at the e d of the song to go off, the audience were sure they would return.

After a short break, the band was back on stage and opened the encore with the excellent This is Serious that had brilliant harmonies between Aura and Jimmy. The show ended in traditional fashion with the Scottish tourist board that the Silencers record Wild Mountain Thyme that was the perfect way to close the show. Jimmy O’Neil told the fans that he looks forward to seeing them again next year in the venue. As the band took their bows for the hometown audience, they said their goodbyes from the stage. Tonight, turned out to be the special one filled with passion and emotion from both the band and their hometown fans and fans that had travelled from other areas of the UK. We had the real McCoy tonight and they knew how deliver that special hometown party.

Review by Karen Edmond & Photographs by James Edmond

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