CONCERT REVIEW : Paolo Nutini The Corran Halls Oban, Friday 27th May 2022

Paolo Nutini

The Corran Halls Oban, Friday 27th May 2022

“It’s about time, eh?”

Paolo Nutini wasn’t wrong; it’s been 7 years since the Paisley crooner played live or released an album. 7 MINUTES is a long time in the fickle music industry, fans are spoilt for choice with a mixed bag of hot new acts, next big things and that cool new band you just HAVE to see live! 7 years is more than enough time to fade into obscurity, forgotten forever.

Nutini’s step back into the spotlight was far from timid, he looked relaxed and confident when he took centre stage as his audience erupted, embracing him fiercely like a much missed pal. 

Tonight’s Oban stint is part of Nutini’s comeback trail in support of his forthcoming fourth effort, “Last Night In The Bittersweet” with a teaser of things to come in the form of “Lose It” and “Through The Echoes” which dropped last week.

A typical “comeback” gig is usually shaped with a sprinkling of songs to come, but with the tracks we already know and love dominating the set. It’s the safe bet and it’s clearly NOT how Nutini get things done.

Paolo deviated from the usual sprinkling of new songs and instead, drenched the crowd with buckets of new material; “Acid Eyes”, “Radio”, “Shine A Light”, “Desperation” and “Everywhere” all got an airing. A brave move, playing new songs is usually the time when punters hit the bar or visit the loo, but tonight the punters lapped it up like a nice, cold beer in the sun, swaying along and hanging on every (new) note.

Nutini cut a content figure, clearly glad to be back doing what he does best, and revelling in the crowd’s reaction to his return and new album if the cheeky widespread grin on his face throughout was anything to go by.

It wasn’t all tracks to come, Nutini delved into the hits that made him a homegrown hero with a revisit to his back catalogue; “Coming Up Easy”, “Scream (Funk My Life Up)”, “Iron Sky”, “Candy” and “Better Man” as well as a genius reworking of fan favourite “Pencil Full Of Lead” which just about blew the roof off, and saw Nutini joke he’d spent the last 7 years “farting about with that song”.

Paolo’s return to home turf (well, almost!) was an effortless, ecstatic, sweaty affair with the love between Nutini and his people undeniable.

Paolo’s back. AT LAST!

“Last Night In The Bittersweet” is released on Friday 1st July 2022.

Review by Siobhanne Beattie

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