Las Vegas’ finest, The Killers took to the unlikely stage of Falkirk Stadium last night as part of a tour two years in the waiting. Originally scheduled for summer 2020, The “Imploding The Mirage” Tour was in support of their sixth studio offering of the same name, but was delayed TWICE due to chaos of Covid 19. The tour is now coming at us in the wake of their seventh LP, “Pressure Machine” released last year.

In the post Covid world, there is pressure on every artist on tour now to bring their A game and Brandon Flowers and Co were not about to let their victims down.

Donning sophisticated all black paired with an oversized surname staple on his lapel, Flowers oozed charisma from the get go; a coy, often awkward man offstage, he transforms in the spotlight delighting both boys and girls with his all American boy smile, cowboy drawl and movie star looks of days gone by, he is transcendent.

“My Own Soul’s Warning” opened the show, followed by a mixed bag of hits old and new including, “Read My Mind”, “Somebody Told Me”, “Running Towards A Place”, “Shot At The Night”, “For Reasons Unknown”, “Runaways” and “Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine”. Their short but sweet “Enterlude”, the introduction from second album, “Sam’s Town” made an early, unexpected appearance and packed a punch of nostalgia that caused undeniable emotion among the fans who’ve been on this incredible journey with them since the early days of Camden clubs and NME Tours.

Strutting, sashying and swivelling those hips like The King before him, Flowers grabbed his victims by the jugular and didn’t let go as The Killers ricocheted through the very best of their back catalogue. An unexpected diversion for fans awaiting a sample of the best of their last two studio offerings, but if they were disappointed, all was quickly forgiven, as The Killers reminded us why we fell in love with them in the first place. It was more “Greatest Hits” than “how good is our new album?”

Their take on Joy Division’s “Shadowplay” popped up early on as well as their impromptu take on “First Time Ever I Saw Your Face”. Flowers commented on the pandemic talking isolation before bellowing into his microphone, “We’re not isolated anymore!!!” with outstretched arms, as if hugging his adoring public all at once.

A throwback to their debut offering, “Hot Fuss” came in the form of rarely played live, “Midnight Show”; their debut was released 18 years ago this week.

The Killers arrived in a throng of new talent back in 2004, each fighting for their spot trying to gain fans, have hits and last the pace. Many of them have fallen by the wayside, lost in the fickle fade of fast fame, but Brandon and the boys are still standing strong nearly 20 years on, and gigs like tonight prove why.

With the band already talking about their next album and a summer single in the pipeline, Nevada’s local heroes show no signs of slowing down anytime soon and it seems we won’t wait too long for their next live outing.

Flowers summed it up perfectly in his attempt at our mother tongue,

“Pure. Dead. Brilliant!” 

Review by Siobhanne Beattie

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