CONCERT REVIEW : Kassidy 2nd June 2022 Barrowland Glasgow

Kassidy 2nd June 2022 Barrowland Glasgow

Local boys return with a bang to deliver a delayed show originally scheduled for December 2021, due the pandemic it was postponed until now.

As the venue steadily filled up, support band Jawn Ladder warmed up the Glasgow audience with a great set, the boys seemed to have an amazing time performing to a sold out Barrowland ballroom.

  • Jawn Ladder - Barrowland Glasgow 2nd June 2022
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As the lights dimmed the stage crew began making changes to the stage in readiness for one of Glasgow’s finest, a welcoming return of Kassidy to the Live scene again, sent a buzz around the venue as the atmosphere steadily built in the famous venue.

It was that time, the lights lowered, the intro music could be heard steadily increasing in tempo, the back drop lite up with the words Kassidy 10 Years. The band took to the stage one by one as the fans greeted Chris, Lewis, Hamish and Barrie, it was an emotional return for the band and a welcome return for Barrie to the famous stage, opening the set with The Traveller had the hometown crowd singing their hearts out.

The band, looking around the venue taking in every single face they could see from the stage, it was indeed great to see the expression on their faces. They carried on with the excellent La Revenge, Gamble Does The Gambler and Next Move On. The venue, in full voice as the band performed, giving their all, this was powerful set, the band are back with a bang, sounding exceptional bringing back old songs and making them feel fresh.

The songs and the harmonies were great, the band collectively looked like they were enjoying every second of their return to performing live again. As the moved through the songs, into the middle of the set you could see the bond between the members was evident, as they interacted with each other giving a passionate performance.

  • Kassidy - Barrowland Glasgow 2nd June 2022
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  • Jawn Ladder - Barrowland Glasgow 2nd June 2022

Performing Hope Street, waking up sideways and fans favourite Stray Cat the band had the audience in the palm of their hand, the venue was lost in a sea of voices as the crowd wholeheartedly showed their support to the band.  Switching between singers, Hamish and Barrie really transformed the whole set with the power of the songs and the delivery of them from the stage, it was clear that each and every fan had missed the band and the delivery of their music, is like a breath of fresh air when it comes to live performance.

The fans knew tonight was nearly over, but this show will remain in their memories for a long time.  This was not a band going through the motions, this was a band on top form and enjoying it immensely. Leaving the stage for a short break, the fans eagerly waited for their idols to return.

And return they did, to a rapturous reception from the hometown audience. They played an excellent version of This Life Is A Ocean that went down an absolute storm with the Glasgow audience before a live debut of Don’t Worry. This was a night the audience didn’t want to end, craving more and more and the band willingly giving 110%, the time had come for the final song of the night that had every single person in the audience singing word for word to I Don’t Know. The boys looked like they had never been away, tonight must have felt like they were in heaven, a perfect returning set in front of a perfect audience. Leaving the stage waving to the fans, everyone thinking and hoping this is not the last from the band.

Tonight, was an emotional roller coaster all going in the right direction, there were no bumps on the road, this was an all smooth, and all enjoying moment for dedicated fans and the band. Kassidy certainly returned with a big bang and now we hope we can relive these moments in the not too distant future. We are all living on Hope Street.

Photographs and Review by James Edmond

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