CONCERT REVIEW : Shed Seven – Barrowland Glasgow – 26th October 2023

As Glasgow prepared for Halloween, excitement filled the air outside the renowned Barrowland venue, where a unique Halloween market was taking place at the Barras. The queue had formed in a somewhat different manner than normal, with many anxiously arriving early to get access to the venue and enjoy The Slow Readers Club’s lively performance while also securing the ideal place to view tonight’s headline act, Shed Seven.

Manchester’s The Slow Readers Club opened the event at Glasgow’s Barrowland venue, featuring Aaron Starkie on vocals. The band began with the song ‘Modernise’ from their most recent album, ‘Knowledge of Freedom Power,’ quickly engaging the audience. Their incredible concert included favourites like ‘Forever in Your Debt,’ ‘Jericho,’ and ‘I Saw a Ghost,’ with some fans who had previously seen the band cheerfully singing along. The Slow Readers Club commands attention with their dynamic stage presence and engaging music. They closed out their show with the amazing ‘Lunatic’ from their ‘Build a Tower’ album. Their performance demonstrated that The Slow Readers Club is a band to watch when they return to Glasgow.

As the lights lowered in the legendary Barrowland, the crowd waited for York’s favourite sons, Shed Seven,  take the stage. The atmosphere was electrified when each band member emerged, culminating in a deafening yell as leader Rick Witter appeared. The band began with “Room In My House,” a song from their critically praised album Instant Pleasures, which had the audience bouncing and singing along in unison. The band’s eager emotions indicated that this would be a memorable night. The enthusiasm level remained strong as they began their following song, “Speakeasy.” Witter engaged the audience in between songs, promising an exhilarating mix of new, middle, and old songs before closing the night with a party. Among the spirited banter, one audience member, Liam from Alloa, invited everyone to an after-party, promising plenty of beers and spirits. Witter responded to the request in a lighthearted manner, cautioning him to be wary of their performance the next day in Middlesbrough. Unfazed by the boos, Witter led the band into their next song, “High Hopes,” keeping the contagious energy and enthusiasm in the room alive.

As the crowd at the famed Barrowland roared in unison to the iconic Shed Seven hit, ‘She Left Me On Friday,’ the celebration had already begun to peak. Everyone in the room seemed to be surrendering to the power of song, eagerly participating in the communal singing. Rick Witter, the band’s charismatic leader, revelled in the upbeat mood, enthralling those in the front row with his unrivalled stage presence. The sheer emotion of the music reverberated loudly throughout the venue, filling the air with electricity. The playlist continued with ‘Going For Gold’ and ‘Bully Boy,’ each song keeping the audience enthralled, their collective energy never wavering for a second. Shed Seven had Glasgow in the palm of their hand from the first chord, their solid grasp on the audience producing a wild and unforgettable scene at Barrowland.

It was clear that Shed Seven, led by charismatic frontman Rick Witter, had the stamina and desire to keep their electrifying show going long after the final chords as Glasgow grow close to the end. The effervescent voices of the Glasgow choir contributed to a strong sense of excitement in the area. They ended this section of their show with an electrifying performance of “Ocean Pie,” leaving the audience enthralled. The last song, “Getting Better,” from their A Maximum High album, however, had the audience begging for an encore. Though the band briefly left the stage, it was clear they would return, and when they did, it was with a dramatic flourish that added to the crowd’s excitement.

Shed Seven made a powerful comeback when they returned to the stage, led by the dynamic Rick Witter. They began with the new song “Starlings” before quickly shifting into the throbbing rhythm of “Disco Down,” a crowd favourite that instantly drove the noise level flying to unprecedented heights as die-hard fans sang along, nearly tearing the roof off the stadium. The excitement was tangible and addictive, with the band feeding off the eager audience. When the band played the first chords of their epic hymn “Chasing Rainbows,” the crowd erupted into a spontaneous, explosive dance and sing-along. The night was certainly extraordinary, a notion clearly shared by the musicians based on their expressions. As they exited the stage, they waved to the thrilled audience, finishing off an unforgettable evening.

Shed Seven, a legendary British band, has the uncanny power to elevate your spirits even on the worst of days. They are well-known for their beautiful anthems and have a remarkable ability to bring out smiles in the middle of sadness, making their music a soothing salve for the soul. Their concerts reverberate with raw intensity and emotion, transforming ordinary settings into spectacular experiences. Take advantage of the opportunity to see them at a place near you soon. Their performances not only meet but consistently exceed expectations, demonstrating that a night with Shed Seven is never a letdown.


Review by Karen Edmond

Photographs by James Edmond 

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