CONCERT REVIEW : Lloyd Cole Royal Concert Hall Glasgow 25th April 2022

Lloyd Cole Royal Concert Hall Glasgow 25th April 2022

After the show being postponed due to the covid pandemic it is finally happening in the magnificent venue in the heart of Glasgow City centre. As the fan gathered the venue there is huge excitement about the show. Tonight’s show is split into two sets.

As the lights dim down the outline of Lloyd Cole take to the stage, which is made up with three acoustic guitars and two round tables and a music the tall figure enters the spotlight he is greeted with a warm welcome from the Glasgow audience. A warm glow spotlight Beans down on Lloyd as he performs songs from Rattlesnakes to Guesswork. Lloyd commanded the stage as he took in all sides of the venue. The set opens with the excellent Past Imperfect that delights the Glasgow audience. To nights show was about entertainment as a lot of the crowd in the audience may not have seen a show in the last two years due to the pandemic. Tonight, was a celebration not of the music of Lloyd Cole but about people out enjoying themselves.

  • Lloyd Cole - Royal Concert Hall Glasgow 25th April 2022
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Lloyd did not disappoint as he dug deep into his catalogue including Kids Today Rattlesnakes and the excellent My Bag. Tonight, was an acoustic set with Lloyd playing song they way there were created, bringing out a personal feel to the show with a few stories about the songs he really captured the audience with the performance and playing some obscure tracks. The excellent Patience, Late Night, Early Town before Are you Ready to be Heartbroken?

Neil Clark joins Lloyd Cole on stage and performs 2CV the show was gaining pace as they both entertained the Glasgow audience with the excellent Lost Weekend and then a crowd pleaser in Perfect Skin before the encore.

As he appeared back on stage taking in a round of applause, he delighted the Glasgow audience with No Blue skies. The show closed with the excellent Forest Fire but the broken-down version took a whole new different feel, delivering a more mellow feel. This was a special night for both fans and Lloyd a chance to put the past two years to bed and bring it a bright new future to blossom in. If you get a chance on this tour pop along and see the wonderful music of Lloyd Cole.

Review and Photographs by James Edmond

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