CONCERT REVIEW : Inhaler – Barrowland Glasgow – 10th October 2021

Photo Credit James Edmond

Inhaler – Barrowland Glasgow – 10th October 2021

Glasgow was set for Dublin’s young band, as the queues formed around the venue fans young and old looking forward to seeing Inhaler take to the famous venues stage. This was the bands return to the city since their pre lockdown show at Glasgow’s SWG3 venue. Tonight was the night and the fans were out in force to find the perfect spot to see their idols.

Scotland’s own Dylan Fraser opened the show and really enjoyed his experience on the famous stage, upbeat and exciting the audience with his music. The stand out tract from his short set was the excellent “The Storm”. He is one to watch out for on the road. Dylan certainly warmed the audience up and gained a few gifts along the way from audience members.

The main support tonight was hotly tipped band from the Isle of Wight Wet Legs, the five piece band fronted by Rhian Teasdale stunned the Barrowland audience with beautiful vocals and eye catching stage performance. The band premiered their excellent new single “Wet Dream along with the beautiful “Angelica” and “Good Times, all the time”. The band looked as if they were having the time of their lives playing in front of the packed venue, the crowd was loving every second of their set. Closing their set with “Chaise Longue”, the band have an amazing future ahead of them, living up to the buzz surrounding them. Watch out for them at a venue nearer you soon.

The atmosphere in the venue was buzzing to welcome the boys to the famous stage where so many of the band’s idols have performed, the excitement was evident on the faces of fans young and old Tonight, was a special moment for the band playing the legendary venue in front of the Glasgow audience.

The main lights went off, the intro music and white flashing lights filled the darkest areas of the stage, it was time, as each member of the band took to the stage, glimpses of them could be seen as the lights went through the sequence. As the crowd roared, the band took their positions,  the opening chords “It won’t always be like this”, sent the crowd wild, singing in full voice to the delight of the band,  lead singer Eli Hewson smiling to them between lyrics, it was clear  the band were blown away by the noise level in the venue.

The young fans at the front of the stage dazzled by the Inhaler front man, watching every move as he makes his way across stage taking in the full width of the venue with eye contact. The band seemed relaxed and creating a memory that will last for ever in the eyes of their fans. With the success of their debut album and touring worldwide, their fan base is growing in strength. The opening tracks featured “We have to move on” & the excellent “Falling in”.

It was great to hear a favourite from the debut album live “Slide Out the Window”, this didn’t disappoint, with stunning vocals from Eli. The audience were in a for an early treat with previous single “Ice Cream Sundae”, the roof nearly came off the famous venue by the audience in full voice singing every word of the song at one point Eli just handed the vocals to the Glasgow audience to continue before re-joining them to finish the track.

“When It Breaks” showed the talented Josh in his element playing beautiful fret work during the powerful song. The Glasgow audience seemed to know the words of every song and they sang it from their hearts. It is hard to say, but this is a night filled with hit after hit, although some of the tracks haven’t made a single, it lets you see the dedication of their fan base to give each song the perfect backing with their strong voices. The beautiful “My King Will Be Kind” always steals the show a strong song sitting proudly within the set list.

The closing tracks were epic, filled with some of the bands biggest songs to finish the evening, just over an hour of magic with no encore the band finished with their latest single “Totally” followed by the awesome “In My Sleep” before the ultimate sing along. The band closed the evening with a bang with the floor bouncing and everyone singing word for word of “Cheer Up Baby” closing their set with the band signature “My Honest Face” that saw Robert jump off stage and greet the crowd while playing his bass chords. The band thanked the crowd with waves, and usual gifts of plectrums and drum sticks, ending with a promise of a return to Glasgow’s iconic venue.

Tonight, Inhaler took that one big step for man kind and they looked so comfortable playing on the big stage, playing in the shadows of their idols that once left their mark on the venue. Tonight Inhaler left their foot print on the famous venue and added to all the greatest nights that have happened in the past. The crowd loving every minute, will undoubtedly be eager for the bands return to the venue that has clearly left its mark on them.

Tonight was an unforgettable night in the presence of the 4 lads from Dublin.

Review by Karen Edmond Photographs by James Edmond

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