ALBUM REVIEW : Pale Waves – Unwanted

Album Review – Pale Waves – Unwanted

Manchester’s Pale Waves return with their third studio album Unwanted, after the success Who Am I?  the question on everyone’s mind is, what can this new album deliver? Heather Baron-Gracie oozes with passion on the vocals, guiding you step by step through love, loss and everything surrounding a relationship, this thirteen-track album is a work of art from the Pale Waves.

The opening track Lies, delivers a great bassline and catchy lyrics that with “all your lies just caught up with you”, this track is simply the perfect opening to an album that has you hooked from the off. Next up is the excellent title track Unwanted, providing a happy upbeat feel, even although the song is about been unwanted, a beautiful song, with powerful lyrics mirroring the feelings that everyone has felt at one time in their lives, this track with a quirky sing-along chorus will remain your head all day.  

Their latest single The Hard Way, delivers a more tranquil melody in contrast to the upbeat of the earlier songs, with a slam bang ending. A powerful song with standout lyrics like “And got in your head before you could even bloom” the more you listen to the song the more you realise we all learn the hard way in life. Jealousy seems to be the standout track from the album, delivering a powerful punch from the off, full of emotion with stunning vocals from Heather Baron-Gracie and great guitar work throughout the song. Catchy pop song Alone, is self-titled, about being alone and going through all the emotions of a relationship.

The Pale Waves seem to have found a way of bringing out American pop punk music, with the track Clean, a stunning song that is about getting over the traumas a relationship breakup leaves in its wake, delivering a powerful catchy song about getting over someone. Another change in tempo with the track Without You, piano and acoustic guitar, mingled with brilliant vocals, delivers a lyrical melody capturing the emotion of living on your own without your partner been there anymore. Next track is Only Problem, the opening drumbeats and powerful guitar riffs draw you into a musical world, a beautiful song that has everything, upbeat tempo with superb vocal ranges from Heather effortlessly delivering the fabulous lyrics of this track.

You’re So Vain, delivers a darker approach to the Pale Waves, highlighting deeper vocals and rapping style. Reason to Live, a definite summer classic anthem will have you dancing from the off, foot tapping with enthusiastic lyrics. Numb is a powerful song, evoking a vision of a person sitting in a corner, everything in their head going into overdrive, over thinking their current situation. A song with power that captures the emotion perfectly. The more rocker track Act My Age gives an insight on how diverse the band’s music is and how they have developed their own sound over the year. Act My Age takes is full of passion, the intensity of this becomes clear the more you listen to it. The album finishes with the powerful So Sick (of Missing You), stunning vocals, delivering passion and emotion to the song, a perfect ending to a powerful album that will be a guiding light to so many people down the years.

The album will be a learning curve for so many people dealing with the emotions of love, relationships, and the hurting of break ups. The bands third album is a true classic that will be reflected on in years to come, an album that has something for every music lover, a true gem of an album, a fitting addition to any music collection.

Unwanted’ by Pale Waves is released on 12th August on Dirty Hit Records

Review by James Edmond

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