This is an album of brilliance from a band who are proud to be welsh and sound distinctly so, thanks to Cerys Matthews’s wonderful accent and unique roar which is unashamedly potently strong.

From the wonderfully aggressively rampant ‘I Am The Mob‘ to the jaunty ‘Mulder And Scully‘, Catatonia have produced an album of 12 classically brilliant tracks with some excellent guitar effects, processed bass and drum loops which combine with their traditional rock sound.

Some of the lyrics are prodigious (‘I put horses heads in peoples beds…when duty calls, gonna bust some balls…am I your Easter Bunny…I’m gonna put a bullet between your knees… stop blowing the don, put his keks back on…cos I am the mob’, ‘It’s tourniquet by crochet, my waters break’, ‘Every day that I wake up I thank the Lord I’m Welsh’, ‘And lust is the thief who crept away while we were sleeping, now you’re doing my head on’, ‘When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them’, ‘My selfish gene, it fills my spleen with bile…alluratism stinks of fallacy’) as the music swings from high to low, a synergy of arousing emotions flowing from the speakers.

Quite simply, this album looks like being one of the top ten albums of 1998. Every track is expertly written, sung, played and produced, with particular mention to the anthemic ‘Road Rage‘, the storm driven ‘I Am The Mob‘ and the tongue-in-cheek patriotic ‘International Velvet‘ which is sung entirely in Welsh, with the exception of the chorus which sends a tingling shiver down the spine. This album is a must have.

Taken from Scotland Calling Fanzine (Scottish Music Network)

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