Album Review – Inhaler – It Won’t Always Be Like This

Album Review – Inhaler – It Won’t Always Be Like This

The debut album from the Dublin band having played all over the world and tour dates book for Europe and the US of A later in the year, having been rescheduled due to Covid-19. Inhaler really capture the time and place with this album and brighten up your day with Indie rock songs that fill the void in most people’s life.

The album opens with the title track “It Won’t Always Be Like this”, capturing the mood of the album giving the first taste of the music of Inhaler. The excellent guitar riffs balancing out nicely with the synth, the final piece of the jigsaw is encapsulated in the powerful vocals of frontman Elijah brings the beauty of the song together. For anyone that hasn’t listened to the Dublin band before, this opening track is the perfect introduction to the album, highlighting the power of the music and also their lyrical creativity.

The powerful lyrics, excellent bass lines and strong chorus of “My Honest Face”, stays in your head from the first listen. “Slide Out The Window”, has a psychedelic dreamy sound with a summer morning feel to it, showcases the musical talents of the band taking you on a musical journey. “Cheer Up Baby”, highlights the powerful vocals of Elijah Hewson, you can hear the passion in his voice with the rough edge and rock twist. “A Night On The Floor” goes back to psychedelic style of the Beatles / Stone Roses with a very Dublin Inhaler twist to it.

Stand out track is “My King Will Be Kind”, excellent build up at the intro features captivating guitars, paves the way for Hewson’s vocals in the opening line “How many times do I have to love you baby”. The harmonies between the guitars and the vocals just fit like a glove, a beautiful song that has everything. “When It Breaks” is the classic rock song, full of energy and build ups that will have concert crowds going wild once we are allowed to go enjoy the music again with the lyric “Like Paris in 45, the whole world is waiting to come alive”. “Who’s Your Money On?” has an old house with a little dance feel to it, takes the band on a different, but positive direction as opens the album up,  finishing with a dreamy synth that captures the mood within the track.

“Totally” captures the innocence of the 80’s 90’s indie sound and delivers a powerful sound as only Inhaler can do with a beautiful chorus that will have you singing along to. “What a Strange Time To Be Alive” is quite possibly the thought on everyone’s mind, a short but powerful track that really captures the moment. The final track on the album is the upbeat “In My Sleep” signifies that rock n’ roll has returned with passion and energy, leaving you wanting more from this young Irish band.

This is an excellent album that, without a doubt, shows the talent of the 4 piece, with their different styles in music, creating the world of Inhaler. The band are already well on the heals of fellow Irish band Picture This, Inhaler have the perfect album that doesn’t feel like a debut album, the band have certainly grown over the past 18 months, adapting to the changing nature of performing live during the pandemic coming out the other side of it with a powerful album that tackles romantic break ups issues with mental health.

This is an album that will be talked about for years to come, the Dublin 4 piece of Ryan McMahon Eli Hewson Robert Keating Josh Jenkinson that make up Inhaler.

Album review by James Edmond 

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