Hombres is set for release on April 12th via Cooking Vinyl. 


On Friday, April 12, 2024, Gun releases their latest album, Hombres. This marks the band’s first album since 2017’s Favourite Pleasures and the 2022 reimagining of some of Gun’s classics on The Calton Songs album. Fans have been eagerly awaiting this album since it was available for pre-order in early December. During the December tour, the band gave a sneak peek at the release of the single All Fired Up.

The upcoming album is truly remarkable. It feels like a throwback to 1987, reminiscent of the excitement of hearing the Taking on the World album for the first time. Hombres album has that same captivating quality that makes you want to listen to it on repeat. It’s a true gem that grabs hold of you from the very first listen, with addictive music and lyrics that will stay with you long after the initial play.

The energetic track “All Fired Up,” which debuted as the first single in November, kicks off the album. This sets the tone for an incredible album from Glasgow’s talented musicians. The rock music is filled with great lyrics and powerful guitars, maintaining a raw edge while delivering a catchy chorus that will stay with you all day. “Boy Don’t Cry,” the second single from the album, continues to captivate listeners and sets the stage for the rest of the album. While these tracks lean towards a more commercial sound, the album as a whole is a passionate, proud, and emotional display of pure rock ‘n roll.

The band’s Take Me Back Home delivers top-notch rock ‘n roll with exceptional guitars and commanding vocals, including a memorable chorus. Fake Life begins with drums, bass, and strumming guitar, followed by a melodic lead guitar and exciting guitar solos. Dante’s Gizzi impressive vocals and an intense build-up make Falling stand out before bursting into life. The lyrics are impactful, with a powerful message of reminiscence and togetherness. Overall, this song is passionate and powerful, with a stellar guitar solo to round it off.

You Are What I Need‘ is an amazing song with fantastic lyrics and the harmonies from the Sisterhood. It’s a powerful rock track with a bluesy gospel feel, even though it’s one of the slower songs on the album. ‘Never Enough‘ brings back the traditional Gun Rock style with intense guitars and passionate lyrics. ‘Don’t Hide Your Fears Tonight‘ is a classic radio-friendly rock track with catchy melodies. ‘Lucky Guy‘ has an American AOR vibe but still rocks with pulsing drums and dynamic vocals. The guitars give it a true American country feel.

The beautiful song “A Shift in Time” begins with the acoustic guitar and Dante’s powerful vocals, featuring the lyrics “Come Together, Stand Tall” as a strong message from the band. With a big chorus of “Shine a Light On” and Joolz’s Gizzi impressive guitar solo, it serves as the perfect conclusion to the album.

If you have the bonus album, you’re in for a treat with any of the three songs that could have easily made it onto the main album. “Coming Back To You” features strong guitars, a catchy chorus, and big guitar solos that have it all. “Wrong to Be Right” kicks off with a powerful guitar riff that carries through the song, leading to a chorus that will have you singing along and tapping your toes. The final bonus track, “Pride,” is a beautiful song that is more polished than the others on the album. It’s a track that will bring a smile to your face and warm your heart with each listen.

The band Gun’s latest album, “Hombres,” showcases a mature sound while still retaining youthful energy in their writing and recording. This gem of an album belongs in the same league as classics like “Taking on the World,” “Swagger,” and “Gallus.” On Friday, April 12th, don’t forget to add this album to your collection. Get your copy now!

The band currently consists of brothers Dante Gizzi (lead vocals) and Giuliano “Jools” Gizzi (guitar), along with Paul McManus (drums), Andy Carr (bass) and Ru MacFarlane (guitar)

Review by James Edmond 

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