19-year-old electronic producer Indigo Eyes teams up with De Rien, for new single ‘Close To You’ out today

Following on from the enormous success of his previously shared single ‘Forbidden’ ft. LissA, which went onto be premiered by This Song Is Sick and racking up more than 13k streams during its first week on Spotify, thanks to placements on their New Music Friday Germany playlist, emerging producer Joseph Robson aka Indigo Eyes now returns with his latest sweeping release ‘Close To You’ ft. De Rien.

With a natural talent for creating broad and atmospheric soundscapes, ‘Close to You’ looks to continue the artist’s rich and dynamic aesthetic with its bold and textured direction. This time working alongside the effervescent talents of De Rien, the pair cook up a wonderfully airy and serene composition that brings out some of the best and brightest intentions the producer has ever curated.

Speaking about his new offering, he said, “With close to you being the title track of the EP, I wanted it to represent the side of house music that inspired the project as a whole. Lyrically, the track is an attempt to capture the feeling at the beginning of a relationship where you’re both starting to trust the other person but are still unsure about they’re intentions, leaving both of you hesitant to fully commit to one another. I wanted a unique, falsetto male voice for the track, and I felt De Rien was the perfect fit. The approach to songwriting was definitely different for this track compared to the others on the EP, with Sebastian (De Rien) writing the melodies to each section and then sending them back to me to write the lyrics, but I love the way it turned out as it became a very personal track for me and a chance for me to demonstrate my songwriting as well as my production”

Indigo Eyes is the alias of 19-year-old electronic artist Joseph Robson from London, England. Starting out with childhood lessons in a number of instruments he gradually became a bedroom producer with a deep fascination in dance music and the UK house scene, with influences among the likes of Disclosure, AlunaGeorge, and SG Lewis.

After first discovering his love for electronic music at the age of 15 when he snuck into a Martin Garrix performance in Ibiza, the now 19-year-old is showing a level of diversity and imagination far beyond his years. Coupling smooth and ethereal tones with shuffled beats and seductive grooves has given him an original and driven style that many are quickly beginning to take notice of.

Following on from this, his production style consists of warm synths and soul-oriented guitar melodies. Being a long time fan of the singer-songwriter duo ‘Oh Wonder’, a chance encounter with their dog sitter led to an opportunity for him to develop a relationship with the duo and remix ‘Lose It’, a fan favourite track of theirs, which, in addition to various other remixes and instrumentals, helped Joseph grow an online fan base long before his first commercial release.

Following this, he was then discovered by SG Lewis on an instagram live in the Summer of 2020, in which early demos of his music were premiered to a live audience. This led to a number of collaborative opportunities, along with praise from SG Lewis himself.

Finishing off the year with the release of his debut EP ‘Close To You’, he aims to demonstrate his eclectic sound through a set of four diverse tracks, featuring collaborations from up and coming artists ‘De Rien’ and Georgie O’Brien’ along with the already well established ‘LissA.’

Growing up as the son of an opera singer and a classical pianist, percussionist De Rien started playing drums and piano at the age of five. After performing with numerous classical orchestras, contemporary music ensembles and Jazz formations, he discovered the soul of Erykah Badu and Robert Glasper, before being fully absorbed by the groundbreaking sound of James Blake and SBTRKT, paving the way for his symbiotic blend of genres.

De Rien is also part of collaborative electronica duo Komplement, who, after playing quite a number of festivals last year, supported icelandic pop poet Àsgeir on his german tour in early 2019.