NEW SINGLE : Waste Of Paint have today released their new single, Run (Only Ever Wanted You To Chase)



WASTE OF PAINT have released their new single RUN (ONLY EVER WANTED YOU TO CHASE) via Attention Economy Recordings, their first release since the astonishing Baudelaire Waltz.

It’s difficult to pigeonhole this band, difficult to confuse them with any other, and very difficult to ignore them. Their songs are devised and performed to be provocative… ” LEEDS LIVING

RUN is ego stripped and painfully authentic. Like paddling out into a big wave, knowing you are going to be taught a lesson, then smiling as you crawl back to the shore utterly broken.

When the wave hits you, you know you’re alive, but you feel helpless; your ego is parked at the door,” says Adam Brodie from the band. “We took this ethos into the studio.”

Waste Of Paint are architects of moments. They create music that hits you like a wave. Full of emotion, energy, vulnerability and a multitude of colours. They never actually ‘went away’, the critical success of their first two singles simply inspired them to work harder, to dive deeper. They wanted a bigger wave.

Not only have they found it; they have learned to ride it. Run is the first of four planned releases over the next 12 months. It begins small and innocent like most waves do, with Brodie’s vocal served up with only Dan Spooner’s Chili Peppers-esque guitar as company. Then it starts. A menacing rip tide of a bass line from Paul Sargeson pulls you into deep water before the drums of Jamie Dean pound you into the whitewash. Now you’re in it. What follows is a four minute tidal wave. Layers upon layers of salty joy.

Once you hear Waste Of Paint you will never forget them. This is an authentic, pioneering song which captures a never before seen side of this great band.

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