King Tuts Wah Wah Hut 14th August 1998

Four Groups One great Gig

First Band of the Evening Germinal from England a four piece outfit from England, they play Indie / rock music. They sounded a cross between Inxs and Depeche Mode. I know it doesn’t seem right, but they have strong stage presence, with plenty of explicit movement from the lead singer. They played for 30 mins. They are a band that I would like to see again.

Second band on was Glasgow’s own Work Shy This Four piece band from Glasgow are getting some great reviews from all over the city at the moment. The band played 3 new tracks to the crowd and about 5 more tracks to their great following that they have picked up along the way. They sound a cross between New Order early stuff and Then Jericho. They have great presence on stage and really get the crowd going from the start to the finish. They are an indie rock band and defiantly a great crowd puller. They have one track that the crowd just exploded to this was “It in your Teeth“; they also played a track “That’s your lot”, which had a strong guitar base and drumming in it. The crowd was over whelmed with the four some. They may have started the night with about 70 people supporting them and finished their set with Triple that. A band you must see.

Third band on was Glasgow based Pink Monkey Bird This four piece band I just couldn’t give them a category, they sound like a American soft rock group with a strong snyth presence. Their lead singer has a great voice and shows great emotion and strength on stage. The band is tight and played some classic tracks. They cussed a great buzz around the venue. Definitely a band to watch out for over the coming months.

The final band of the evening was

Glasgow’s Newest Band


This is a band that has played two gigs before the show, the first was T in the Park this year, and then the next was The BBC new music show for later this year called “Beat Room“. Well what can I say about a success story apart from watch out Super fluff are taking the world by storm. As I did not know what to expect from them as I had been speaking with the bands front man Tim and he did not think this would fit in to our fanzine. Made me think “What the hell am I in for?” Well the band took to the stage at around 11.15pm and the King Tut’s was full to capacity. The first track the band played was called “Mr. Rock n’ Roll”. it was a very strong song with the three vocalist giving it their all with dance and action to the track on stage, the whole of Tut’s was filled with great delight and being entertained by a great show and good music. I would class the group a cross between The Stereo MC’s and The B-52’s, playing Hip Hop, Reggie with a bit of fun thrown in as well. They played other tracks “Hangover Boy“, “Cyber Lover“& “Kimberly Popsicle” that had the King Tut’s crowd going wild. The band finished their set and went off but this crowd was staying, and staying they did until the band came back on stage. Tim announced to the crowd that we will have to play the first track again, but no one in the crowd seemed to bother they just wanted more. Then when “Mr. Rock n’ Roll” start Tut’s roof got blown off with great sounds from the band and noise of delight from the fans, this group are getting bigger by the hour, once the media get hold of them they are going to be massive. Watch out for them in your town. Before you miss a chance to see a group that has got showmanship and value for money oozing out of them. I recommend you don’t miss them.

Reviewed by James Edmond

Taken from Scotland Calling (Scottish Music Network)

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