Seek Harbour are a post hardcore band from Kent, UK. The band have already surpassed 170,000 streams on Spotify alone. With an EP planned early 2022, the band are showing no signs of slowing down. The band are growing quickly and resonating with fans of bands such as Being As An Ocean, Casey and Acres. 

‘Wolves’ is the new single from Seek Harbour. It is released across all streaming platforms on the 4th February 2022 with an engaging lyric video that accompanies it. The band recently joined Saviour Management, and have since landed coverage with the likes of BBC, Kerrang Radio, Moshville Times, Karma Radio, Hardbeat, Dreambound, TotalRock, Idioteq, ERB Radio, Banks Radio, All Punked Up and Local Distortion. With a busy 2022 scheduled, the band promise plenty of new music and will be touring and playing shows across the UK too with the likes of We Struck Gold, Schemata Theory and more. 

Speaking about ‘Wolves’ guitarist and songwriter CJ says “Wolves are often a very loyal, playful species. In this instance we wanted to use the negative perspective on their character as imagery. Consider the ‘Wolves at the door’ to be a ruthless and desperate collective. This single delivers an insight into how it feels when your relationship with said collective changes. When one finally feels they have nothing left their perspective of a situation can change. When one finally feels devoid of value, both emotionally and superficially, there’s nothing left for the collective (society) to take away. This song depicts that and the reverse euphoria: ”It’s too late to pretend there’s something here worth anything at all”

From and instrumental standpoint there’s a very commercial backdrop of guitars and synth on this track, but arguably this is the most ‘guitar driven’ track on the EP, and probably contains the most energy from a live performance perspective. This is typified by the drums and vocals in the ‘middle 8’ sections. We’re really excited for you to hear it. Visually we opted to work with a company called Revolt Entertainement (US) on an animated lyric video. Without giving too much away, we’ve gone with a real old world feel on this one. We felt that this, coupled with the wolf imagery, really helps to bring over the cold and desperate nature of this track.“

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