NEW SINGLE : Out Now: Glasgow’s Pinc Wafer returns with eclectic, clean yet lo-fi new single 0%

Pinc Wafer


Release: 7 January 2022

Format: Digital


Glasgow based artist Pinc Wafer returns with ‘0%’, his first single since his breakout Needed EP, and the track finds the Kent-rasied singer mixing things up, whilst maintaining his signature eclectic, clean yet lo-fi sound.


David Waters takes his alias from the crispy, crumbly yet cloud-like vanilla flavoured wafer sandwiches, and it seems a fitting name. Pinc Wafer’s output has that unique bedroom recorded edge, but also a smooth finish and a welcoming pop shimmer in his production.


Pinc Wafer is a feeling more than a sound. There’s no linear pattern for Pinc Wafer. It’s lo-fi and clean at the same time. You never know what’s round the next corner, but at the same time there’s welcoming familiarity when you hear it.

‘0%’ takes no time at all as a synth chord progression gives into a sickeningly infectious funk laden groove, as Waters’ soothing vocals wash over the track developing a serene dream pop glean that hooks you into a gloriously upbeat sounding piece of bedroom pop. That buoyant vibe contrasts the lyrics that on the surface seem to be about giving up alcohol but delve deeper and Waters it painfully realising the end of a relationship.


Waters comments: “I tend to write words that come to my head and work out what they mean later. In this experience, it was more to do with realising I was going through a hard time without knowing it.


“I was drinking a lot of alcohol and I was going through a very rocky patch in a relationship. I thought let’s get some alcohol free beer in, and wasn’t working out for me, I was missing the real stuff. And so that’s the idea of this song, 0% alcohol, but then I realised at the same time that it was meaning 0% love, but realising you still need and care about this person.”

Having already been played on BBC Introducing Scotland, shared the stage with Only The Poets and played festivals like Stag & Dagger and Camden Rocks, Pinc Wafer ties a bow on his EP as he melds the downcast subject matter of that release with a more enthusiastic sound, hinting towards more positive material ahead.