NEW SINGLE : Manchester Duo Body Water Release Haunting New Single ‘Throw It All In the Fire’

Body Water – ‘Throw It All In The Fire’

(Released 23rd March 2022)

“There’s something very special happening here…love the racing synths and snaky riffs.” – Adam Walton, BBC Introducing

“A mighty talented hope for the future.” – Shell Zenner, Amazing Radio

Why write about love when you could write about serial killers? The unforgettably titled Horror Rock duo BODY WATER are subverting stereotypes with their macabre imagery and haunting aesthetic.  If you were to put Motley Crue and Billy Idol in a blender and give them vaginas you’d get BODY WATER; a relentless rock band who in a male dominated industry are ready to bite back. 

Despite only writing together for just over a year, BODY WATER have already caught the attention of BBC Introducing, been featured on Radio 6 and recorded live sessions for Independent Venue Week. Last year saw them playing sold out shows with the likes of GIRLI and July Jones, growing their already burgeoning fanbase.

Visually and musically inspired by gothic horror, their witch-like lyricism will have you chanting along to a psychopath’s inner thoughts whilst their gritty, ‘80s guitar-heavy sound will transport you back to the Sunset Strip. BODY WATER is the beginning of a revolution with songs so infectious they’ll leave you clamouring for more. But be warned…it’s not for the faint hearted! 

Having already turned heads with their conspiracy-fuelled debut “Boy In A Box”, a dark and twisted tragedy that’ll keep you up at night, the duo are back with their follow-up, “Throw It All in the Fire”. Three minutes of lilting alternative rock, there’s echoes of Stevie Nicks within its etherealism, and though shows a slightly different side to BODY WATER than its predecessor, it’s just as haunting and equally as irresistible. 

“Throw It All in the Fire” will be the second release from a collection of short horror stories written during a visit to Wales back when we first formed BODY WATER in 2020.” the band explain. “When we first met, we really bonded over the fact that we both had an infatuation with conspiracy theories & wanted to open up a darker side to our writing. We found a lot of inspiration after learning about the 1992 Shanda Sharer case and wanted to create our own twisted fictional world for these characters we’d conceived.”

“The new track narrates our depiction of the wild thought process of a deranged stalker, who has an unhealthy obsession with this young girl named Suzi whose character we built the song around. We really wanted to try and delve into this obsessive psychopath’s mind so I think having the combination of the witch-like lyricism alongside the Heart (band) infused guitar tones really sets the scene for this ominous tale.”

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