NEW SINGLE : Krush Puppies announce debut EP ‘Love Kills The Demons’ and share title track, plus sign to Sports Team’s label Holm Front Records | ‘Love Kills The Demons’ out 6th May 2022

‘Love Kills The Demons’ Video Still 


Share new single ‘Love Kills The Demons’

Sign to Sports Team’s label, Holm Front Records

Announce debut EP Love Kills The Demons
Out 6th May via Holm Front Records

Previous praise for Krush Puppies:

“Krush Puppies merge musical forces to create their own four-headed monster, with fang-like guitars and growling voices that would make the most formidable of foes turn tail and leg it – and they do it with sheer slickness, not a bead of sweat to be spotted.” – Beats Per Minute

“four friends who make off piste fuzz rock noises, their DIY grunge-influenced sound careers into lesser explored crevices.” – CLASH

“[They] might be the coolest thing you hear today” – Gigwise

“Krush Puppies’ meandering melodies and riffs thrown together with a casual cool are exactly the kind of catalyst that would inspire you to learn three chords and get your friends in the practice room.” – So Young

Meeting in the queue for Pets at Home on the Old Kent Road, Alexa Daly, Jenny Wells and Jess McGill, three pet owners with a shared taste for experimental post-punk, started playing about with the instruments they had lying around. Through a serendipitous phone call a couple of years later, drummer Heather Britton joined the band with a multi-instrumentalist gift, which glued the four together to become Krush Puppies.

Today, they announce their debut EP Love Kills The Demons out 6th May, and that they’ve signed with Holm Front Records, the label run by Sports Team and home to Walt Disco, Personal Trainer, and more. Pre-order here.

Krush Puppies also share the title track as a single. It’s an acknowledgment from vocalist and bassist Alexa about the night terrors she had for years, where she’d be up all night seeing shapes in the darkness. Then she met someone and suddenly it all went away as if his presence made her feel safe.

Alexa explains, “This faceless shadowy figure would sit at the end of the bed and wake me by pushing on my chest so that I was gasping for air. I used to be up all night, then I met someone and suddenly I started sleeping all the way through, soundly next to him. I guess I suddenly felt safe, which feels very soppy now I’m having to write it down. But I can’t describe this overwhelming sense of peace that I felt almost instantly. I came into the studio with the chords and melody, then we all finished it that day. A few weeks later we recorded it with John Bisset, and Jenny and I sang the whole song together in unison, so our voices kind of blended to make one. It almost sounds like a whole new band member.”

The new track comes with a video based on guitarist and vocalist Jenny witnessing her mum’s adult baptism in a swimming pool, with inspiration from old 60’s TV music shows like ‘The Porter Wagoner Show’, except they only had a budget of about £30.

On this she says, “We filmed everything ourselves at Heather’s (our drummer) house and used mainly a head torch as our sole light source. It was quite funny, Heather had just moved in and we turned up to her front door, where she was meeting her neighbour for the first time, dressed head to toe in christian gear, adorning a giant homemade crucifix.”.


The EP Love Kills The Demons, is about letting go of the bad to make room for the good. It mirrors their heavier live atmosphere, but the recording allowed them to add layers of ethereal vocal harmony and fuzz at the same time, which is often hard to control on stage.

Each song is an interpretation of transcendence. ‘Throw Me On The Fire’ alludes to the drain of ignorance; when you’re scapegoated, but absorb it instead of falling. Whether that’s through someone you know who takes and takes, or male sound engineers blaming an all female band when they can’t get the levels right. ‘Why’ is about letting go and forgiveness, signified musically with a wall of sound in the latter half, where ‘Everybody wants to be a cowboy’ represents the spiky side of it all, and the title track embraces support.

On the signing, Henry Young of Holm Front Records and Sports Team said, “From the moment we hit play on Love Kills The Demons, it was clear this wasn’t your typical demo submission. Morricone-esque flute meets a wall of fuzz-laden guitar across four tracks unlike anything else in the game right now. Very excited here at Holm Front to be releasing the EP – a major step-up in recorded output from a band already turning heads for their live show in the capital.”

Love Kills The Demons is half and half songs they’ve been playing live and new ideas. Usually someone comes into the studio with the beginnings of something, whether it’s a melody line, a guitar tone or some words, then they add layers and chop around the format until it makes sense and feels right, without worrying about traditional formatting. Their writing is more collaborative than it’s been before, with melodies and crescendos fused alongside each other’s thoughts and ideas without ego. That’s what their debut EP is about; supporting, encouraging, and celebrating those you care about. 

Love Kills The Demons is out 6th May via Holm Front Records
Pre-order HERE

Krush Puppies are:

Alexa Daly (Vocals, Bass, Flute) 
Jenny Wells (Vocals, Guitar) 
Jess McGill (Guitar, Keys)
Heather Britton (Drums)

Love Kills The Demons
Out 6th May via Holm Front Records

Pre-order Here 

1. Throw Me On The Fire
2. Love Kills The Demons
3. Why
4. Everybody Wants To Be A Cowboy


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