NEW SINGLE : Dutch Wine – Whisky – Glasgow trio return with building indie rock number ‘Whisky’ released via Negative Hope

Photo by George McFadyen

Dutch Wine – ‘Whisky

 Release: 16 April 2021

New single from Glasgow indie rock trio Dutch Wine, ‘Whisky’ is a guitar led, lackadaisical dream of a track that further pushes the band a step further in building a name for themselves.

‘Whisky’ details one’s inability to deal with a broken relationship, leading to a deterioration in personal health and general care for others.

The track gradually building to a powerhouse wall of sound climax, using evocative riffs and three-part layered harmonies, signalling the subject’s height of self-destruction.

Dutch Wine are a hard hitting three piece characterised by atmospheric guitars, emotive vocals and a driving rhythm section.

Their three singles to date, ‘Forgive’, ’Understated’ and ‘Goodnight’, have been positively received, resulting in them marked as one of the top artists too look out for in 2021 by Spotlight Music UK and being played on BBC Introducing.

Guitarist Christopher Devine comments: “compared to our previous releases it’s definitely a bit softer and – at least from a guitar point of view – is much more orientated towards a pop vibe.

“In its developing stage we just nicknamed it ‘Whisky’ because it felt quite chill compared to the other songs and wanted to give the vibe of chilling out in an armchair sipping on some old whisky.”

Lead vocalist Calvin Smith adds: “it’s about about someone kind of falling apart at the hands of a broken relationship, feeling detached and relying on substances to even feel something.

“I wouldn’t say it’s very personal, I just tried to use emotions I’ve felt from break-ups but exaggerate it to a point where that idea of having to let go totally overcomes your day to day life.”

Dutch Wine are Luc Grindle (drums/vocals), Calvin Smith (lead vocals/bass), Christopher Devine (guitar/vocals).

Whisky‘ was recorded and mixed independently at both Dystopia Studios Glasgow and a home studio towards the end of 2020, later being mastered by Ben Brown at LaChunky Studios.

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