NEW SINGLE : Craig John Davidson – Down At Dawn – piano led indie rock beauty from Aberdeen based troubadour

Craig John Davidson

‘Down At Dawn

 Release: 30 April 2021

“Craig’s nifty fretwork is direct and powerful as if seemingly strung out on stoner bliss” – Daily Record


“Hauntingly beautiful Craig shows he can truly write a hook” – Rough Trade

‘Down At Dawn’ is a piano led indie rock beauty from Aberdeen based troubadour Craig John Davidson, that goes from evocative beginnings to heady crescendos as Davidson’s delicate vocals chime in to create an uplifting yet comforting feel.


The track seems to fit hand in hand with where we are right now, looking for positives in an ever negative landscape, it feels like a song to come out of lockdown to, a song that instills hope but still preaches a level of caution.


Craig John Davidson is a Scottish singer-songwriter/producer who’s been recording and releasing music since the early 2000s.

With his remarkable finger style playing ability Davidson mixes sounds of alternative acoustic with his root inspiration of folk / blues grunge and beyond to achieve a unique sound.


Davidson has previously released music with Fat Hippy and Kiss My Kunst Records, toured the US with American rock act Lotus Crush, played the iconic Roxy Theatre in LA and shared the stage with the likes of The Twilight Sad, Pictish Trail and Terry Reid.


‘Down At Dawn’ is the first song I’ve wrote on piano, as opposed to guitar, and it just kind of fell into place after the structure was made.


“I tend to write songs where the lyrical content is more a collage of sentences rather than a clear story so it’s hard to explain what a song is about, but I guess this one has the theme of keeping positive through the negative.


“I’m lucky enough to have a working studio and all the instruments I require to play at home so all the recording and mixing was done there before sending it to be mastered by Peter Klett (Candlebox) at City Sessions Sound studio in Florida.

“Also grateful to have had the artwork photography provided by Kathryn Joseph.”

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