NEW MUSIC FROM SCOTLAND : Alannah Moar – ‘Reciprocate’ – Scottish folk pop gem returns with buoyant new single

Alannah Moar – ‘Reciprocate’

 Release: 15 September 2023 

”Her voice…we couldn’t stop talking as she was playing about how stunning it is!” – Phoebe I H, BBC Introducing 

“Moar’s melodies are inventive and engrossing” – LOAF Magazine

Scottish folk pop gem Alannah Moar returns with joyously buoyant new single ‘Reciprocate’, following up on recent single ‘About the Boy’.

Self produced and mixed, ‘Reciprocate’ emanates warm sunset vibes as Alannah’s distinctive lilt flutters with an undeniable huge pop spark. Finding its roots in one of her earliest songs at the age of 14, ‘Reciprocate’ takes an outside viewpoint of a head versus heart relationship scenario, Alannah captures the pain of needing to leave someone you know is good for you, for someone else that is not. While the track is ultimately shrouded in tragedy it maintains a vibrant poppy zest that is sure to set heads bobbing in unison.

Alannah Moar is Glasgow-based, Orkney-born, songwriter, producer and vocalist. Self-described as “dramatic folk-pop”, citing influences as Fleetwood Mac, Dodie, Taylor Swift and Gabrielle Aplin; lush vocal harmonies, sparkling guitars and ethereal synths layer up to build her distinctive wall-of-sound.

Alannah’s has performed alongside notable artists such as KT Tunstall, Callum Beattie, Amanda Palmer and The Eves, she has twice been selected as Resonate’s artist of the week and was shortlisted for Single of the Year at the 2022 Weekender Awards.

“The song has had many different lives. It was one of the first songs I ever wrote when I was like 14, Fast forward, I needed to make a big portfolio and I was creatively drained because I had to write so much music. So, I came back to this song and although the lyrics were crap, the melodies were quite nice. So I used that and brought in this new narrative.

“It’s about being in a relationship with someone that is good for you, but ultimately wanting to be with someone else that is not. I had empathy for how the person stuck in the middle of it must feel even though they’re technically not the victim.

“I’ve always been involved in the production, it’s nice to be involved in every stage of a song’s process. I love to work with other people. They can add something magical to a song. But you ultimately get to pick and choose where that goes or how it fits in. I find producing is a bit like a puzzle, figuring out what’s missing, how it fits, like cooking, figuring out whether something needs a bit of salt or pepper, herbs or whatever it is.”

Reciprocate’ credits: Carron Miller (guitar/bass), Robbie Nicol (drums), Matthew Alexander (guitar) and Robin Sutherland (mastering).

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