NEW EP : The Martial Arts release ‘ Christmas With The Martial Arts ’ EP

The Martial Arts release ‘Christmas With The Martial Arts’ EP

Out Friday 2 December via Where It’s At Is Where You Are (WIAIWYA)

The Martial Arts are releasing their new EP ‘Christmas With The Martial Arts, which contains the singles ‘Stockings’ and ‘Snow Flakes’, plus covers of songs by Molly Nillson and Ze Malibu Kids, AKA Redd Kross feat. Anna Warokner (that dog.) .  The EP follows up ‘Getting Stranger By The Month’, and the critically-acclaimed debut album ‘Your Sinclair’, described by The Skinny as “Jaw on floor, dancing boots in turbo, absolutely marvellous”.

The limited 10” vinyl edition is available exclusively from the WIAIWYA Bandcamp.

The Martial Arts is Paul Kelly, who for over 15 years has been a mainstay of the Scottish music scene.   He has been a full-time member of Scottish legends BMX Bandits since the release of their 2017 album, BMX Bandits Forever, and is a long-time collaborator and bandmate of the SAY Award-nominated artist Carla J Easton (The Vaselines / Poster Paints / TeenCanteen).  He has performed with Raveloe, TeenCanteen, The Primary 5, Dr. Cosmo’s Tape Lab, How to Swim and The Hector Collectors, at festivals including Kendal Calling, Paris PopFest, Electric Fields, Doune The Rabbit Hole and The Charlatans’ North By Northwich, with live sessions for the likes of Marc Riley (BBC 6Music) and Vic Galloway (BBC Scotland).

The Martial Arts have supported Darren Hayman (Hefner), Letitia Sadier (Stereolab), Andy Rourke (The Smiths)  The Wave Pictures and Scout Niblet.


  1. Stockings
  2. Snow Flakes
  3. My Christmas Was In June
  4. Blinded By The Night



Boasting sleigh bells, stylophone, woodblocks, banjo, choir vocals, Hammond organ and a sleigh-load of reverb, ‘Stockings’ has all the necessary hallmarks of a Christmas classic. It’s no surprise it was described as “like a 21st century Roy Wood”, by BMX Bandits’ lynchpin Duglas T. Stewart.

Snow Flakes

The sequel to ‘Stockings’, set two years later.  Arguably blend of Fleetwood Mac and Pulp, this number was composed long before the being a ‘snowflake’ became a slang term slung at the empathetic and sensitive, and aims to reclaim the Christmas spirit the term used to evoke…

My Christmas Was In June

This obscurity was written by brothers Jeff & Steven McDonald of the group Redd Kross, in collaboration with That Dog’s Anna Warokner, who quietly released under the name Ze Malbu Kids.  It was later reworked in a dramatically more pop ‘n’ polished form by Desmond Child-discovered girl group The Beau Sisters.   The Martial Arts’ version serves to reinvent this under-heard gem in the guise of a dream-pop indebted Everly Brothers.

Blinded By The Night

This non-festive number was originally the closing track on Molly Nilsson’s recent classic album 2020, ‘Blinded By The Night’ was recorded in the darkest month’s of that year’s lockdown, with the opening line “an uncertain Spring changed it all” at that stage appearing to be painfully fitting.

“If the UK want to clean up at next year’s Eurovision Song Contest, the clever money’s on The Martial Arts reaching out across seas to unite nations in a harmonic whole.”

Did Not Chart blog

“Deliciously entertaining, electric songs that have you engaged, gushing, dancing along and craving for even more once the party is over.” Small Music Scene blog

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