NEW EP : Dan Croll announces new EP ‘On Top’, out July 23rd through Communion Records, previewed by the title track out today




Praise for his latest album ‘Grand Plan’:

“Dan Croll undergoes both a personal and musical epiphany on a terrific third outing”


“A beautiful and moving chart of a year in his life, Dan’s latest ‘Grand Plan’ has clearly paid off.” – DIY – 4****

“Dreamy, diary entry-style songs set mostly to acoustic guitar document awkward encounters at parties, falling out with a flatmate and, on standout title track, the feeling that Croll has been left behind as friends forge ahead with their lives”


“Charmingly introspective yet intensely relatable” – GIGWISE – 8/10

“The structure of the album is beautifully crafted, with each of the tracks like pages of a calendar that detail Croll’s life, presenting a personal diary window of sorts into his world.” – MUSIC OMH – 4****

Following the release of his critically acclaimed third album ‘Grand Plan’, released last year through Communion Records, Dan Croll is back to pick up where he left off on the journey that began with ‘Grand Plan’, with a brand new EP ‘On Top’.

Much like his idea for ‘Grand Plan’, ‘On Top’ sees him continue the narrative of his time since moving to the US. Almost acting as an epilogue for the album, ‘On Top’ begins where the full-length left off, charting his time in a new and unknown land during one of the most turbulent years in recent history.

From the implications the pandemic had on the ‘Grand Plan’ campaign and not being able to tour, having to recalibrate and deal with those realities versus expectations, to dealing with noisy neighbours and literal earthquakes. Dan casts a UK lens on living in the US during an incredibly tumultuous year including the rise and fall of Trump, the Black Lives Matter protests and much more.

The four-track EP was recorded at Spacebomb in Richmond, Virginia at the end of 2020 with Matthew E. White and the same team as his most recent record, creating a succinct direction that perfectly captures his state of mind during that time.

Speaking about the new collection, Dan said, “Releasing an album during a pandemic was strange enough of an experience, but trying to write an EP was something else. Despite moments of serious creative fatigue, 2020 was too important and obscure to not create in. The global shutdown, Trump’s presidency ending, the black lives matter movement, record wildfires, it really was a rollercoaster. These four tracks were my way of dealing with all of that, part distraction and part therapy for a wild time in life.

“Returning to Spacebomb socially distanced and masked was a strange change from not long before when I was there recording the album with no idea what was approaching. Even still, it was as fun as ever playing with all of the usual brilliant musicians there. We had a few curveballs thrown our way, but were very grateful to the team and musicians working to make it happen so safely.”

The new EP is also being previewed by the title-track, a single that looks to reintroduce us to his fresh and vibrant sound, but also sets the scene of what is to come.

Adding about the title-track, he said, “As with any album release it’s usually followed by months on the road touring, sadly for ‘Grand Plan’ this wasn’t the case as it was released right towards the start of the pandemic and we were all locked down. During the months following the release I found myself romanticising those days on the road and the emotional rollercoaster that usually ensues with the distance from loved ones. This song was for all those who support me doing what I’m extremely lucky to do, and that just the thought of them can raise my spirits wherever I am.”

Dan Croll’s most recent album ‘Grand Plan’ chronicled the 12-month period starting in February 2018 when Croll decided to up sticks and move to Los Angeles after the realisation that he might be becoming restless in Liverpool. Over the ensuing 12 months Dan turned his experiences into 20-odd songs, eventually whittling them down to a solid dozen chapters. Then, in spring 2019, he spent a month with the estimable Matthew E. White in Virginia bringing to life the songs in the inimitable Spacebomb country-psych-soul style. Each song tells a story, in narrative order.

Taking a different approach to releasing new music, from the start of the year (2020) the singer-songwriter released pairs of singles, in chronological order as they appear on the record. With these single couplets being released almost once a month, they all led to the release of ‘Grand Plan’.

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