Kirsten Adamson – ‘Let Me Live’ single and Video

Release date : 6th Nov

Let Me Live is a heartfelt rush of emotion and honesty and a story of unbearable severance. Overcome with sadness, and missing family, Kirsten Adamson has mastered the art of translating those feelings of separation and longing – an unbridled reaction of an artist in the throes of creating a time resonant reference. 

In April, missing her mother one evening and thinking of lost loved ones, Kirsten wrote Let Me Live while the burn of lockdown was being felt all over the world.  “In a flood of tears, the song came tumbling out, and with grave circumstances in hospitals and care homes coming to light I couldn’t control my emotions!”

Kirsten Adamson is a songwriter of real depth, mother first, defender of live music, and pre lockdown, was one of Edinburgh’s busiest musicians. With her remarkably versatile voice and vulnerable song-writing, she summons the listener with minimal adornments.  Armed with a comprehensive repertoire of original folk and popular songs, Kirsten was used to performing 4 or 5 nights a week to help support her family.  Playing into the small hours and up by sunlight for her little boy Sid, she found herself with no time to pen any new songs and in the cycle many mothers find themselves contemplating.

As the consequences of lockdown emerged, Kirsten determined to keep supporting her family.  She began to play online shows from her garden summerhouse. The shows quickly gained traction and thousands of listeners were tuning in from Berlin to Brazil. Playing an eclectic mix of original songs and unexpected covers from Kate Bush to Dolly Parton, John Prine and Joni Mitchell, she gripped her audience with her relatable personality and magical vocal prowess.

Let Me Live has a driving, country rhythm, written with intent to signify the longing of reconnection with family and friends. Finger picking guitars and banjo are complemented by Joe Harvey-Whyte’s shimmering pedal steel and Rob Heath’s solid shuffle on the drums brings the whole track to life. Beautifully layered bird-song harmonies in the chorus alleviates the lyrical pain and sadness of the verses, leaving the listener with a clearer sense of hope and inescapable optimism. 

The tale goes on to describe our heroes and how they used to exist only in comic books and fairytales and how they now live on the streets where we live. Talking about key workers she exclaims “We’ll remember them when this is over”, ���How they showed us all what bravery means���. A final chorus describing the desperation of the country and ending in a question with the final lines “When I open my eyes, it’s a new world outside. Will I live like I did yesterday?” The song perfectly gives all of us a voice for how we felt when the world went quiet. 

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