INTERVIEW : Will Potter from the Blondes

James at Scottish Music Network caught up with the Will Potter from Nottingham’s hottest new band Blondes for a chat. 

Since you formed in 2017, how do you feel the band has progressed from then to releasing your third single?

Wow, a lot has definitely changed. The biggest thing for us, I think, is the recent increase in exposure that has largely stemmed from the success of our song Coming of Age, which has caused heightened expectation all around, which has in turn increased our standards when it comes to our song writing, recording, production, videos, artwork, and everything really. We have a lot more self-belief and confidence now than we did, but with that comes a bit more nervousness as more people know about us now.

How did you manage to sign to Texas Label C3 Records?

On the back of the success of Coming of Age, C3 got in touch with us, and we were able to have a couple of chats with them over zoom. We’d had quite a few calls with a number of record labels who were interested in us but after those calls with C3, it just felt right. The working relationship has been great so far and they have really helped us progress as a band.

During the past 18 months, with no live music in front of fans, how did it then feel to play Leeds and Reading Festival?

It was amazing. I grew up with Reading as the festival everybody went to, so for our first outdoor festival to be Reading and Leeds was a real treat. I loved our Reading set. I could see old school friends in the crowd along with a few Year 12 and Year 13 kids who currently go to my old high school, who were there to watch us thanks to my old teacher recommending they come see Blondes!

How did you decide upon the band’s name? And were there any other names that were passed around?

It was just decided at our guitarist’s 21st birthday a few years ago. The rest of the band didn’t know many people at the party as it was during our first year at university, so we sat together in the living room and started reeling off band names. Somebody shouted, ‘How about Blondes?’ and we just turned to each other and said, ‘That sounds pretty good actually’. We wish it was a much more interesting and inspiring story. We’ll have to make something up for the next interview.

Do you have plans to tour the UK to promote the release of your debut EP Get Out the Neighbourhood?

We’re headlining Islington Grace in London on 30 November. This will be our first headline show in over 18 months, so we are very excited about it. The EP will also be out by then so it will be great to see how these new songs are received once they’ve been released.

Looking back on the period of lockdown and restrictions, do you think this has held the band back or do you feel you have used the time constructively?

I think there are definitely two sides to it. Obviously, lockdown was frustrating for every musician as it eliminated the live show element that everybody loves and there were moments where it seemed like live gigs may never come back. But that long period of restrictions allowed us to just focus on our song writing, which improved greatly over that period, but also to develop as friends as the four of us lived in the same house for most of lockdown. Our identity feels a lot more established at this point than it did 18 months ago.

What would you say best describes your style of music?

People have said to us euphoric indie pop which I think is a fair label. Having said that, I think the stuff we are writing now is starting to stray away from that. But we won’t give too much away. That’s the cool thing to do, right?

Who are the band’s influences?

For four people I think we have quite a mix of influences, ranging from the Cure to Easy Life to Sam Cooke, REM, Sister Sledge, New Order, DMA’S, Blossoms and the Bee Gees, just to name a few.

What are the band’s plans for, say, the next 12 months?

I can’t tell you that because it will probably all change. Only kidding. I think just to play as many shows as we can and transition into the campaign for the next body of work, whether that be a second EP or maybe even an album, we don’t know yet.

Lastly, when do you think we might see you play in Scotland?

We would love to play in Scotland. We have heard the crowds there are very much up for it. We just need to make sure the rent is paid first, and then we’ll make the long trip up!

We would just like to thank Will Porter for taking the time out to chat to us and look forward to seeing them in Glasgow soon. For more information on the band you can keep up to date with them on their  Facebook page 

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