CONCERT REVIEW : Wolf Alice – Barrowland Glasgow 16th Feb 2022

This was it, the last night at the famous Barrowland Ballroom for Wolf Alice, having succeeded to avoid seeing any online content from the previous two nights shows, left me in awe of what was to come on this their last night on the iconic stage of Glasgow Barrowlands.  Tonight’s show was indeed  looking to be a special one, earlier indications had hinted at a cancelled show due to the impending storm hitting Glasgow’s fair city, public transport suspended from 4pm that day had already caused some concerns on travelling fans and general safety. It was a great feeling approaching the venue, seeing the glorious lights of the mighty Glasgow Barrowlands shinning on the wet roads.

Tonight, the newly crowned best group at the Brit awards, would take to the famous stage for their third night in a row. The buzz outside the venue was electric, making it even more special as the waiting crowd queued to gain entry, expectations of an awesome gig was clearly going to be the highlight of what has been a damp and dreary winter’s day.

This glorious venue had welcomed the eagerly waiting fans in from the rain, the buzz of excitement was steadily growing, this was it, time was drawing near to welcome the band back on stage for what would be their third consecutive night. The lights went down, intro music filled the hall and the audience were buzzing. On first sight of the band, the roar from the audience felt like the storm outside the venue had come inside. The welcome Ellie Rowsell, Joff Oddie, Theo Ellis, Joel Amey and Ryan Malcolm received was overwhelming. The band went straight into the epic Smile with full blown strobe lights enhancing the atmosphere, taking the overall feeling to a different level. The dry ice set the scene, within the shadows, the thundering bass from Theo backed with the stunning vocals from Ellie set the place a light. The band where on top form as they took over the stage,  giving their all through the dry ice and strobe burst during You’re a Germ and Formidable Cool.

The fans relished seeing their idols as the stage lit up red and white during the excellent Delicious Things, you could feel every chord played, the passion in the eyes of Ellie was there for all to see. A few songs into the set, and it was clear to understand, the level of performance they deliver on stage and the passion within their music, is  why they were awarded the Best group at the Brits, they really know how to control the stage, delivering a performance that emphasises the music taking it to a whole new level.

  • Wolf Alice - 16th Feb 2022 Barrowland Glasgow
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The band now at the start of their long awaited Blue Weekend tour to promote the album, which was initially delayed due to the pandemic, has ignited a deep desire within the band, that the skies the limit  .  The cobwebs are well and truly blown off the tour now as the band tear through songs from Visions of a Life and My Love is Cool albums giving the fans a real treat. There was so many highlights in the first part of the set, with the likes of Bros, Safe From a Heart Break (If you never fall in Love) and the epic Play the Greatest Hits really had the venue bouncing.

The big hitting songs were on their way, as if we didn’t have them already, they are just tearing the Blue Weekend album apart, sounding big and epic in the flesh lifting the songs to new heights. There was still a few surprises in the set for the old fans including Visions of a Life, Silk and the stunning Moaning Lisa Smile. As the set was getting close to an end there was only a few songs to go before the encore, the Glasgow audience were treated to No Hard Feelings and closing the set with Giant Peach. Leaving the stage for a short break, the band were ready for a much needed breath of fresh air to cool down,  before they returned to greet their fans.

The band returned, Ellie seated in centre stage, delivered an emotional version of the awesome The Last Man on Earth complete with the 1000+ strong backing singers of the Glasgow crowd, fans up on shoulders showing their support in full voice , enjoying every minute of it with the band.  It was fast reaching that time, Wolf Alice were going to be leaving the venue for the final time on this tour. Tonight was special, seeing the emotion on the bands faces, hearing the Glasgow audience in full voice showing their passion as Ellie raised the roof with her stunning vocals. As the band closed their set with the awesome Don’t Delete the Kisses, they really underlined their best group award with this awesome performance. The tour is just getting starting, the band are eager and ready to go,  catch them at a venue near you as you will not be disappointed.

Review by Karen Edmond

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