CONCERT REVIEW : Tom Meighan Garage Glasgow 14th December 2022

Photo Credit Stewart Fullerton Photography

Hot on the heels of announcing his debut solo LP, “The Reckoning”, Tom Meighan took to the stage in Glasgow’s Garage last week for the first of three sold out UK solo shows.

Meighan cut a confident figure, strutting on to a raucous reception before ripping into “Out Of This World”, already shaping up to be an anthem with punters. However, his cocksure stance wavered when he held his mic out prompting the crowd to sing the chorus, his eyes sliding briefly closed in a sigh of quiet relief when they chanted their hearts out. Meighan’s set was seasoned with a slice of solo things to come; “Let It Ride”, “Don’t Give In”, “Would You Mind”, and “Deep Dive”, tracks, although fresh, have already found a home with his fans.

As with most frontmen turned one man bands, it was the airing of Kasabian tracks which whipped the place into a frenzy; “Empire”, “LSF”, “Shoot The Runner”, “Club Foot”, and particularly “Underdog”, which has taken on a new lease of life giving the very public and personal parting of Meighan from the band with which he made his name.

A subtle nod to the late, great Keith Flint came at the opening of “Thinking On Our Feet” with a short sample of The Prodigy’s “Breathe”.

If Meighan housed any fears about taking the stage solo, it didn’t show; he is every inch the rock ‘n’ Roll showman and lapped up every second of the hysteria of his paying public. Meighan couldn’t stop expressing his gratitude and although his “I fucking love you, Glasgow” became grating after the 6th or 7th time, he stated it with such warmth and humility that it simply served as a reminder why Glasgow fucking love him.

Meighan is a man who has fought his way back from the brink against a backdrop of “cancel culture” where careers have been shattered for less, and there is no doubt he doesn’t take a second of it for granted.

Closing with one of Kasabian’s most iconic tracks, Meighan bowed out reminding everyone that he really is on fire.

Tom Meighan’s debut album, “The Reckoning” is available in April 2023.

Review by Siobhanne Beattie

Photo Credit Stewart Fullerton Photography

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