CONCERT REVIEW : The Silencers – SWG3 Glasgow 26th March 2022

The Silencers – SWG3 Glasgow 26th March 2022

Three months later than planned due to covid 19 lockdowns, The Silencers are back in town. This is set to be a special night, the electric atmosphere is intense, and the industrial style venue is receiving great reviews, the multi complex entertainment centre providing space from small to large shows. The Glasgow faithful are ready and waiting for a night of spectacular music, tonight’s sold-out show in the TV Studio venue within the complex was ready and waiting to welcome The Silencers back to Glasgow.

As the lights dimmed, a lone piper walked on to the stage to provide a haunting intro for the band, the young boy playing the bagpipes increased the atmosphere within the venue, anticipation of the band taking to the stage was steadily rising. As the young piper left the stage, the band began taking up their positions, the figure of Jimme O’Neil walking to the mic was mesmerising as he took his position centre of the stage. As the lights came up on stage, the opening chords of title track of the 1987 album A Letter From St. Paul, blasted out, a perfect opening to the show, setting the tone for the evening, the venue in full voice as the band played Painted Moon and the excellent I See Red, both anthems in their own right.

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  • The Silencers - SWG3 Glasgow 26th March 2022

As Jimme told the crowd that the band are working on their next album and introduced two new songs to the fans, first was 67 Overdrive and the catchy Western Song was a real crowd pleaser, the Glasgow audience, faithful as ever gave both new songs a great reception. The set moved into tracks for the excellent Blues for Buddha with amazing Scottish Rain, not that we had much in the last week and the beautiful Razor Blades of Love. The stage presence from Aura, Connor and Jimme added to the Glasgow audience energy, it was one big party atmosphere with the band playing songs from their back catalogue including Hey Mr Bank Manager and Sylvie before a beautiful version of Cellar of Dreams, with an emotional tribute from Jimme saying the song has a completely different meaning at present, referring to the people of Ukraine.

Aura took over, singing the beautiful Partytime in Heaven, a song that really stands out with a catchy chorus, had the whole venue singing along, flowing seamlessly into I Want You from the Dance to the Holy Man album of 1991. It was coming close to the end of the set as the band played through fan favourites including Bulletproof Heart and the excellent The Real McCoy before closing the set with a sing along to the amazing, I can feel It before the band left the stage.

As the band remerged from the shadows of the backstage area, they were welcomed back with a rapturous applause from the Glasgow audience.  As the band took their spaces on stage, they delighted the Glasgow audience to the excellent Wild Mountain Thyme that had the venue in full voice from the rear to the front. With the venue curfew getting close there was time for one last song before the band had to leave to the stage. The delighted Glasgow crowd gave their all one last time, singing along to This is Serious from the bands 1993 album Second of Pleasure to close the show. The band were on fire they gave their all and delivered a passionate set to their home crowd. Tonight, SWG3 could feel it as The Silencers performed a set with passion and emotion to their Glasgow Faithful.

Reviewed by Karen Edmond

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