CONCERT REVIEW : Stereophonics – OVO Hydro Glasgow 21st March 2022

Stereophonics – OVO Hydro Glasgow 21st March 2022

The Stereophonics return to Glasgow with their Oochya tour, a 12,000 sold out arena was set to welcome their Welsh heroes back to the city. The venue filling up nicely before welcoming Scottish singer / songwriter to the stage KT Turnstall.

As the lights dimmed down and the figures of KT emerged from the lefthand side of the big stage was greeted with a great welcome back to the city to perform. Opening her set with the excellent Little Red Thread her vocals sounding perfect within the arena as the fans created the ultimate atmosphere that any support artist would welcome. You could see by KT that she was loving every minute of the show. It was a short set, but it was a powerful delighted even new fans that had never witnessed her music before. A few songs that stood out from the set included the excellent Run to Home, Backlash & Vinegar before she finished the set with the amazing Suddenly, I see before took in the Glasgow audience applause before leaving the stage. She was the perfect support artist to open the show dominating and powerful that light up the venue.

  • KT Tunstall - OVO Hydro Glasgow 21st March 2022
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It was time now to welcome Kelly Jones and the boys back to the Glasgow venue. As the lights dimmed in the arena, the intro music building on the electric atmosphere within the venue. As the band took to the stage you could just about see the Welsh Dragon statue behind Kelly and in front of the drumkit. As the lights slowly came up the opening chords of Do Ya Feel My Love started with the background lights slowly lighten up the stage area, this was a slow build up before the fans could see their hero Kelly Jones appearing in front of them. At the closing of the song Kelly made his way down the catwalk to greet the fans at the rear and centre of the arena. He treated them with an excellent version of C’est La Vie. Kelly along with bassist Richard Jones, guitarist Adam Zindani, drummer Jamie Morrison really had captured the audience with the opening songs and could see they were enjoying every second.

The Glasgow crowd was in full voice singing along to old and new songs including Geronimo, Maybe Tomorrow and the excellent Fly Like an Eagle. The atmosphere within the arena was electrifying Kelly was taking in every part of the stage delivering a passionate powerful performance. The hits continued to flow with old songs taking a new lease of life. Think folk are just enjoying a sense of freedom after all the lockdowns we have had now they were out and releasing all the tension that had built up over the past 2 years.

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  • Stereophonoics - OVO Hydro Glasgow 21st March 2022

The audience was made of young and old fans some of the young fans might not have been born when song like A Thousand Trees was first released. Years does not matter in music they still feel as fresh now as it did when it was first released. The Kelly pleased chart songs that included Mr Writer, Have a Nice Day before closing the set with Handbags and Gladrags and the excellent The Bartender and the Thief. As the band left the stage the roars from the audience was deafening but was amazing to hear. The audience was sure Kelly, and the boys would be back for one more song.

AS they took to the stage to perform an encore the Glasgow crowd had increased the volume level and were in full voice as the band played Just Looking and Make Friends With The Morning before delivering a powerful version of Dakota that took the roof off the venue. As the band said their final goodbyes to the Glasgow audience, they knew they had delivered a complete set that fitted in with old and new fans and left them demanding more and more. They could feel the power within the venue of the atmosphere generated by the emotions and passion of the Glasgow audience. The band might wonder to their selves can it get any better than this, this was real this was the Stereophonics at their best. If you manage to find a ticket during this tour purchase it, you are in for one amazing night of music.

Review by Karen Edmond

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