CONCERT REVIEW : Simple Minds – OVO Hydro Glasgow 29th March 2024

There was an explosive mood of anticipation in the auditorium for the band’s return to the Glasgow stage during the first of the homecoming’s double-sold-out shows. As Simple Minds’ global tour support acts, Justin Currie and Del Amitri added even more special touches to tonight’s performance.

When the Glasgow crowd arrived early to see Del Amitri perform, the space was nearly full. The band, led by Justin Currie, got the Hydro crowd to sing along as they opened the event with “Always The Last To Know” off the Change Everything album. They then performed the timeless “Opposite View,” taking the audience on a nostalgic journey through their debut album, The Waking Hours. To the joy of their local fans, the band gave an incredible concert, just like they always do.
Performing a number of the band’s well-known hits, Del Amitri featured Justin Currie, Iain Harvie, Andy Alston, Jim McDermott, and Kris Dolimore. They captivated the audience at the venue with their dynamic and riveting performance, getting them to sing and dance along to the tunes. In addition, they performed “Lonely,” one of their most recent songs off the “Fatal Mistakes” album, to a receptive audience in Glasgow.

The crowd was singing and dancing to The Ones That You Love Lead You Nowhere as the band concluded their performance, which was brilliantly followed by Stone Cold Sober. Thanking the crowd, Justin said that he and the other members of Glasgow’s best band, Simple Minds, were enjoying the tour. A powerful performance of the band’s well-known sing-along classic, Nothing Ever Happens, thrilled the audience. Particularly during the chorus, the audience’s passionate singing made the entire space tremble. A sincere burst of applause greeted the band as they waved goodbye to the audience and left the stage as the song came to a conclusion. Glasgow’s cherished boys gave a terrific show, no doubt.

Glasgow’s most successful band was set to perform again at the OVO Hydro. As the lights lowered, the Irish claddagh, the band’s logo, was illuminated on the stage’s sides and projected onto the other screens. The band’s introductory music gradually built up, leading to their first appearance on stage. The band consists of Jim Kerr, Charlie Burchill, Sarah Brown, Ged Grimes, Erik Ljunggren, Cherisse Osei, and Gordy Goudie. They kicked off with the classic song Waterfront, which had the Glasgow crowd on their feet, dancing and singing along. The atmosphere was electric, with the bass and drums reverberating through the audience. Jim made a point to engage with the crowd from all sides of the stage, making eye contact with those in the front row. Following this, they performed Love Song, then transitioned to the acclaimed Son’s and Fascination. This song selection was a pleasant surprise for the audience, and the Glasgow crowd thoroughly enjoyed every moment.

The show got off to a perfect start, followed by “Sweat in Bullet.” After this, Jim took a moment to address the audience, informing them that the smaller songs were over and all the big hits were yet to come. He humorously mentioned that he needed this break due to his age. The opening chords of “This Fear of Gods” was a breath-taking moment, retaining their freshness from the 1980 release of “Empires and Dance”. The set was similar to a greatest hits compilation, featuring songs from most of their albums, much to the delight of the audience. Large-screen images of logos and album covers were displayed on LED screens during “Once Upon a Time,” with pictures of the album cover and band members appearing on the screen.

The party was in full swing, featuring classic songs from the New Gold Dream album like Glittering Prize, Promised You A Miracle, and the title track, New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84). One of the most memorable moments was the exceptional rendition of Belfast Child, made more impactful with Jim’s powerful vocals and the haunting background music that intensified towards the end. The big screens displayed scenes from the music video featuring children against the backdrop of Belfast. The Glasgow crowd were in wow with their stunning performance of Someone Somewhere in Summertime, and the crowd was in top form singing along, nearly causing the roof to lift from the venue with their powerful voices. The final song of the set was the unforgettable Don’t You (Forget About Me). The audience enthusiastically joined in with the La, La, La’s at the end of the song, with Jim humorously remarking that his pizza was getting cold as he waited to finish the song before leaving for the encores. The song eventually softened and concluded with thunderous applause as the band members exited the stage.

Following a brief intermission, the band returned to the stage to deliver another standout performance of the show: the exceptional ‘Book of Brilliant Things’, sung by Sarah Brown. Her stunning vocals elevated the song to new heights, while Jim reemerged halfway through the performance, observing from the drum riser. As he returned to the microphone, the band played ‘See the Lights’, and then thrilled the Glasgow crowd with their hit anthem ‘Alive and Kicking’ as the finale. Once the song finished, Jim inquired if the Glasgow audience desired one more song, to which they responded by playing ‘Sanctify Yourself’, causing the crowd to rise to their feet and dance one last time. As the song concluded, the band took a final bow and bid farewell to the Glasgow audience.

Tonight’s performance confirmed the timeless appeal of Simple Minds’ music. An audience of all ages thoroughly enjoyed their repertoire, spanning over 40 years. If you’ve never seen this band live, you should seize the opportunity before it’s too late. This isn’t about dwelling on the past but rather embracing the present, promising a spectacular show.


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