CONCERT REVIEW : CHVRCHES  – SWG3 Glasgow, 12th March 2022

CHVRCHES  – SWG3 Glasgow, 12th March 2022

Glasgow’s own CHVRCHES return for a hometown show at the warehouse venue in the cities west end, situated close to the River Clyde was the perfect setting for an up and close special hometown welcome as the band kick off their UK leg of the Screen Violence tour.

As the lights lowered the bands intro music began, the anticipation of what was to come created an electric atmosphere, the moment had arrived the CHVRCHES were back on home soil as Lauren Mayberry, Ian Cook, Martin Doherty and drummer Jonny Scott took to the stage.  Lauren, sporting a bright red coat slowly made her entrance, as the band rolled into the excellent He Said She Said, spinning around on stage from one side to the other between verses creating a cape like look as she moved, with Bat Girl filming the Hollywood Blockbuster in the city, we had our very own super girl back in Glasgow in the shape of Lauren Mayberry.,

The Glasgow synth-pop band had the crowd in their hands from the word go with a superb opening before raising the bar with Forever and Leave a Trace. The new songs from Screen Violence album bring a massive presence to the set, this in no way leaves behind the old favourites, the band was out there enjoying every second of their set as you could see as they interacted with their hometown fan base. The Glasgow audience were in fine voice enjoying new songs California, How Not to Drown and the excellent Violent Delights. The Glasgow crowd never disappoint, singing word for word to older classics   Science/ Visions, Bury it and Miracle, forming the familiar wall of sound around the venue.

Lauren knew exactly how to deliver the new songs to the crowd, drawing them I to the set with her dynamic dance moves, she effortlessly moved around the the stage creating an energy that could be felt at the back of the venue. Her superb vocals dominated the music to a perfection, enhancing every note as the band explode in the closing songs from the set.

Closing the initial set with a bang with Night Sky and Final Girl before treating the audience to a perfect ending with the excellent Recover before closing with Never Say Die the Glasgow audience enjoying every second, before the band left the stage for a much-needed break. Lauren and the boys have delivered a powerful set including excellent new tracks from their Screen Violence album and fan favourites generating a powerful show to entertain their home fanbase.

The band returning to the stage , it was clear there was something different as Lauren Mayberry returned blood soaked, giving a theatrical edge to the show,  she treated the Glasgow fans to the amazing Asking for a Friend before the crowd in true Glasgow style were once more in full voice to The Mother We Share. As the set came to a close, it was evident this was a night of high emotions for the band having received a great welcome back to their city of Glasgow, the final song of the night was Clearest Blue,  before they waved goodbye to the hometown crowd. There was no need tonight for a big stage production, the fans wanted the band, and the band got the welcome and reception to be expected from their hometown Glasgow audience.

Review by Karen Edmond

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