CONCERT REVIEW : Kingfishr – King Tuts Glasgow 15th February 2024

Hailing from Limerick, the unstoppable trio Kingfishr is set to kick off the second part of their highly anticipated Prologue Tour tonight at King Tut’s in Glasgow. The show is already a total sell-out, mirroring the overwhelming success of their tour as a whole. These rising stars are making waves in the music industry and are set to dominate the summer festival scene, appearing at some of the biggest events, including TRNSMT in Glasgow. Kingfishr’s infectious sound and undeniable talent are catapulting them into the spotlight, solidifying their place as one of the most exciting acts to watch out for.

Tonight is going to be a night to remember, as the venue is packed with a diverse crowd of old and young fans, all eagerly anticipating the performance of the talented trio, Edmond Keogh, Eoghan McGrath, and Eoin Fitzgibbon. The atmosphere is electric as the musicians take to the stage, accompanied by the energetic beats of the drummer and the melodic tunes of the bass guitarist. The anticipation in the air is real, as fans who arrived early to secure their spots can’t wait to witness this trio’s first show in the city.

As the lights dimmed and the band took the stage to the captivating tune of Heart in the Water, undeniable electricity filled the air. The fans, already familiar with the songs, passionately sang along as the band flawlessly performed Headlands. With a seamless transition, the banjo took centre stage, leading into the infectious melody of Shadow. Its brilliant chorus had the crowd hooked, singing along by the second verse. The band couldn’t help but feel elated by the overwhelming positive response from their devoted fans after the exhilarating performance of Shadow.

For some in the venue, it was their first time seeing the band, and just wow, the boys knew how to put on a show. They left everyone in awe with excellent vocals and harmonies, combined with foot-tapping music, they left everyone in awe. Fans, both young and old, could be seen dancing throughout the entire show. Some of the highlights from the setlist included electrifying performances of “Shot in the Dark,” “Eyes Don’t Lie,” and the brilliant song “Anyway.” After leaving the stage for a short break, the band returned for an encore, leaving the crowd wanting more.

The band’s return to the stage at King Tuts was greeted with a hero’s welcome from their devoted audience. In their encore, the band gave the crowd a special send-off, starting with the enchanting Diamonds & Roses and leading into the mesmerising gem, Flowers – Fire. The passionate vocals and explosive build-up left the Glasgow audience in awe. With their goodbyes said, the band concluded the set with the excellent Caroline. As they left the stage, the crowd begged for more, but unfortunately, that was the end for now.

Don’t miss the chance to catch the band live as they make a triumphant return to the city, taking the stage alongside the talented Tom Walker on April 30 and May 1 at the renowned o2 Academy. With their unique sound and undeniable stage presence, this band is definitely one to watch. Seeing them perform in a small venue is an opportunity not to be missed, as it won’t be long before they explode onto the bigger stage.

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