CONCERT REVIEW : James OVO Hydro Glasgow 30th Nov 2021

James – OVO Hydro Glasgow 30th Nov 2021

A miserable night in Glasgow, cold and wet, where else would you want to be to catch the very best of Manchester music scene playing under the one roof, the one and only Glasgow Hydro.

Tonight in Glasgow, a packed Hydro plays host to James supported by The Happy Mondays. The Mondays fronted with Shaun Ryder played a short set, full of hits including 24hr Party People and Wrote for Luck. Bez was doing what he does best, dancing along to the hits, interacting with the Glasgow crowd. It was great to see them still playing the music from over the last 30 years. It was definitely a night to be remembered, if you are going to any of the shows, its advised to get in early and catch the Happy Mondays with their sounds of Madchester.

Next was the return of James to the city with their All the Colours of you tour promoting the new album. The band took to the stage,  bursting with energy from the word go, opening the set with the excellent Zero, singer Tim Booth puts body and soul in to every song, producing energy that carries itself in to the Glasgow audience. Tim wearing flared jeans and fur style coat, covered every part of the stage during the opening song, he was absorbing every part of the venue, eyes engaging with the Glasgow audience. Taking no time to breathe, he had the audience dancing to Isabella before the venue was on its feet to the excellent Born of Frustrations.

As the heat built on stage Tim removed his jacket to perform Five-0 and Seven. A momentary lull permitted the audience and band, grab a breath, before plunging straight into the title track from All the Colours of You with Many Faces intro, the audience in full voice raised the roof of the Hydro.

The joy on the faces of band as evident, as they worked their way through a set that covered four decades of the band’s music, highlights including Curse Curse, She’s a Star, Hymn from a Village and Sound before the band anthem Getting away with it (all messed up) had the entire venue on their feet,  singing at the top of their voices. The band had the fans in the palm of their hands, closing the set with the epic song of the 90’s Come Home, the signature song of the bands 90’s era,  a very short break and the band were back on stage to the delight of the waiting crowd.

The band returned to the stage after a few minutes knowing that the show had a curfew. Tim introduced the next song that has become a favourite of the new album All the Colours of You with Beautiful Beaches. The track was well received by the audience, singing in full voice along with the band, before Tim Booth said the next song took on a whole new meaning during the early stages of covid, explaining that he was requested by his ill Father- in- Law to sing it down the telephone for him.  As the initial chords of Sit Down started, the venue erupted with an almighty applause, with all in the venue singing along with the band. The final song of the evening was the excellent Laid, jubilantly recepted by the Glasgow crowd.

This was an amazing night celebrating the music of James, covering just about all the band’s  music. If you have never seen the band, you should catch them on the tour or at a festival in the coming year, from Manchester to a venue or field near you, you won’t be disappointed.

Review by Karen Edmond Photographs by James Edmond