CONCERT REVIEW: Inhaler – King Tuts Glasgow, 30th September 2019

King Tut’s is an iconic venue; something even the stairs remind you of with the names of all the bands who have played there adorning them. It’s the place where legends are born, where the rest, as they say, becomes history ….

Daunting enough for any new young band looking to make their mark, never mind having comparisons to your famous father to contend with.

Dublin based four piece, Inhaler seemed up for the challenge; led by frontman Elijah Hewson, son of U2’s Bono, they delivered a raucous, sweaty set lapped up by a sold out crowd. Latest single, “Ice Cream Sundae” was stand out moment, with fans singing along, while “It Won’t Always Be Like This”’proved why it’s a radio favourite.

Hewson illuminated the stage with a confidence, not cockiness, and he seduced his audience with charm for the girls, and cool for the boys. The significance of this venue was not lost on him, but it never fazed him, not even for a second. The brotherhood of this young band was evident; their bond made their set tight, their sound slick.

As with every promising potential pre-debut album, their set was over too soon, but left punters with a a teaser taste of what’s to come, and them wanting all the more. The comparisons undoubtedly came as the crowd dispersed; some to the downstairs bar and others to smoke by the iconic sign outside, the diehard U2 fans, particularly, had their take on “Bono’s boy” in an almost entitled fashion. The similarities exist, no question but so do the differences, but neither is important; Inhaler have side stepped an overshadow making their own noise and going their own way.

Please don’t miss the journey.

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Review by Siobhanne Beattie

Author: Siobhanne Beattie

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