Gun kicked off their Spanish tour with an electrifying show at the Sala Wolf in Barcelona, where fans eagerly lined up before the doors opened for the sold-out concert. The iconic Scottish rock band is currently promoting their new album, “Hombres,” which has been met with great enthusiasm by their loyal fanbase. Inside the venue, the atmosphere was charged with excitement as classic rock tunes played in the background, setting the stage for an unforgettable night. With no opening act scheduled, a large screen descended across the stage, heightening the anticipation for what promised to be a memorable performance by Gun.

The band took to the stage at 9pm and kicked off the show with an electrifying performance of “Lucky Guys” from their new album. The energy in the room was electric as they followed up with “Seems Like I’m Losing You” and “Here’s Where I Am.” Dante, the lead singer, then took a moment to thank the audience for their support, which was met with a round of applause from the enthusiastic crowd. The highlight of the night came when the band played their classic hit “Don’t Say It’s Over,” which had the entire room on their feet, jumping and singing along. The joy and passion on Dante’s face and the rest of the band was truly infectious, and hearing the crowd belt out the song word for word created an unforgettable atmosphere.

The band’s performance was electric, with each member looking like they were enjoying every second on stage. Their enthusiasm was contagious, creating a connection with the audience as they played crowd favourites like “All Fired Up” from the Hombres album. The energy in the room reached new heights when they performed “Welcome to the Real World” from their debut album, “Taking on the World.” The title track had everyone on their feet, singing along and revelling in the moment, truly making it a night to remember.

  • Gun - Wolf Barcelona Spain 9th May 2024
  • Gun - Wolf Barcelona Spain 9th May 2024
  • Gun - Wolf Barcelona Spain 9th May 2024
  • Gun - Wolf Barcelona Spain 9th May 2024

The concert was in full swing with the band delivering an exceptional performance of “Falling” from their new album, captivating the audience with its catchy chorus that had everyone singing along. Just as the energy was reaching its peak and the band started playing “Money (Everybody Loves Her)”, an unexpected technical problem occurred: the PA system failed, leaving the venue in an awkward silence. Panic ensued as sound engineers frantically tried to resolve the issue, and the band had no choice but to exit for a brief intermission. Despite the hiccup, the atmosphere remained electric, and after about 15 minutes, the band triumphantly returned to the stage. They resumed the song from where they left off and successfully regained the momentum, ensuring the concert was back on track and the audience’s spirits were lifted once more.

As Dante engaged with the audience, he urged them to put their hands in the air just as the band launched into a well-known Cameo hit. The energy was electric, with hit songs following one after another. The audience sang along enthusiastically to the band’s debut single, “Better Days,” and the stellar track “Inside Out.” The excitement crescendo when the band played the opening chords of “Steal Your Fire,” making the venue come alive with movement and cheers. From the expressions on Joolz and Dante’s faces, it was clear that this was an exceptional start to their Spanish tour. After this high-energy performance, the band took a brief intermission, leaving the crowd clamouring for more, shouting and stomping in anticipation of the Glasgow boys’ return to the stage.

After performing a few songs, the dynamic duo Joolz and Dante briefly left the stage, only to return moments later and deliver a powerful rendition of “Taking on the World,” the title track from their debut album. The performance was met with roaring applause and cheers from the enthusiastic crowd. As the rest of the band members rejoined them on stage, the energy in the room was palpable. Dante expressed his heartfelt gratitude towards the audience, the “Wolf crowd,” who had been incredibly supportive throughout the show, singing along to every song and dancing with unwavering enthusiasm. It was a night to remember for both the band and the fans.

It was that moment in the set when it was time to say their goodbye. The band announced they would head over to the merchandise stand to sign autographs and meet fans after the show. They concluded the set with their excellent rendition of “Shame on You” and finished strong with their adopted cover of the Beastie Boys’ classic, “Fight for Your Right (To Party).” As the final note rang out, the band took a moment for one last group photo, and the drummer, Paul, tossed his drumsticks to a few lucky fans in the front row. As the band exited the stage, it was time to reflect on what was truly a remarkable show. Despite a PA issue earlier in the night, the band powered through with an electrifying performance, setting a high standard for the opening night of their tour.

The Spanish tour is a complete sell out if you have tickets, you are in for a great night of music from Gun. Check out the band’s latest album Hombres.

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