CONCERT REVIEW : Gun Blasts the Queens Hall with Electrifying Performance in Edinburgh! 27th May 2023

Concert Review:  Gun – The Queens Hall Edinburgh 27th May 2023

The venue for tonight’s event is the esteemed The Queen’s Hall, which has a rich history dating back to its origins as Hope Park Chapel in 1823. It later served as the church of Newington and St Leonard’s until 1976, when it was repurposed as a performance and rehearsal space for the Scottish Baroque Ensemble (now the Scottish Ensemble), the Scottish Philharmonic Singers, and the Scottish Chamber Orchestra.

An appeal to convert the church into a concert hall was launched in 1977, resulting in £850,000 being raised for the project. The Queen’s Hall was officially opened by HM Queen Elizabeth II on 6 July 1979, and has since become a renowned destination for world-class musical performances.

Gun’s return to Edinburgh after an extended absence was marked by a high-energy performance that thrilled their fans. The band’s triumphant return was made all the more special by the presence of drummer Paul McManus, whose hard-hitting rhythms were the backbone of the band’s sound. The historic venue was the perfect setting for an evening of explosive rock music, and Gun did not disappoint.

As the lights dimmed and their video intro lit up the stage, it was clear that Gun had come to put on a show. The PA playing Tina Turner’s Nutbush City signalled the start of the night’s festivities, and the crowd was ready. From there, Gun launched into “Backstreet Brothers”, a track from their recent Calton Songs album, demonstrating that they had lost none of their ability to energize a crowd with their distinctive blend of hard rock and emotion.

From the very first note of their hit song “Seems Like I’m Losing You“, the crowd was completely mesmerized by the talent and energy of the band. Everyone was singing along, dancing and just having the time of their lives. And when they played “Here’s Where I Am“, it was like the whole audience was transported to a different universe.

But that was just the beginning! The band took the audience on a trip back in time with their classic track “Coming Home” – and let me tell you, they absolutely nailed it! The band was in perfect sync, and you could feel the energy just radiating from the stage.

The Sisterhood backing singers took to the stage from the recent The Calton Songs album. The entire venue was pumped up and singing along to one of the all-time classics – “Word Up“. The crowd had their hands in the air, swaying to the beat as Dante belted out the lyrics with his powerful vocals.

You could feel the passion and energy radiating from the stage. And the band members were in perfect sync, delivering an unforgettable performance. Dave Aitken and Jools Gizzi’s guitars were on fire, backed by the solid beats from Paul McManus on the drums and Andy Carr’s bass. It was a real treat for the senses!

What’s amazing is how “Word Up” still resonates with audiences after all these years. It just goes to show that great music never goes out of style. And with Dante’s incredible talent and stage presence, the hit song was given a new life and energy that brought the house down.

From the moment Dante asked the crowd if they were ready to party, you could feel the excitement building in the air. And boy, did they deliver!

Starting off with the foot-tapping hit “Money to Burn”, the crowd was already dancing and singing along. And then came the brilliant “Long Road”, a song that the band absolutely loves playing and the fans loved listening to. The energy in the room was simply electric! They followed it up with “Money” before Jools dedicated the next song to Paul McManus, the moving and inspirational “Better Days”, which brought the crowd to their feet, singing and dancing like there was no tomorrow.

As the set was coming to an end, the hits just kept coming! The band kicked it up a notch with “Inside Out” before finishing their set with the incredible “Steal Your Fire”. The crowd went wild, with everyone from the stalls to the balcony singing along and raising the volume to unimaginable levels!

As the band returned to the stage, the atmosphere was electric, and the crowd was ready for more. The title track of their album, “Taking on the World,” had the audience in full voice, singing along with every word and taking the historic venue to new heights. The beautiful lyrics of the song stirred the emotions of the audience, and every chord played by the band resonated with passion and intensity.

The momentum continued with the band launching into “Shame,” a thrilling performance that had the audience jumping around and singing with all their hearts. The energy in the room was palpable, and the band responded in kind with a powerful delivery that left everyone breathless.

As the show drew to a close, the Gun boys treated the crowd to a classic from the Beastie Boys, “(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party!).” The performance was a fitting conclusion to a magnificent set that covered the band’s albums and much more. The audience left the venue feeling exhilarated and inspired, having witnessed a truly unforgettable performance from one of the UK’s most exciting bands.

Review by Karen Edmond

Photographs by James Edmond

Author: Karen Edmond

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