Fontaines DC, Barrowland Glasgow 20th October 2021

Queues formed around the Barrowland venue with loyal fans of Ireland’s own Fontaines DC, slowly entering the venue after showing their Covid 19 Passports to the security at the venue, their eagerness to enter the venue created a real buzz outside. Tonight, was Fontaines DC 2nd night at the venue, diehard fans could be heard chatting about the previous night’s performance.

The venue filling up nicely with only minutes until the Dublin lads take to the famous Barrowland stage. The Glasgow audience has been waiting for this for over 18 months now and the time has come as the venues lights dimmed and the Irish music intro started. A the stage lights slowly came on the band emerged from the right hand side of the stage,  lead singer Grian Chatten holding flowers above his head with one hand, a bottle of Buckfast wine in the other, greeting the Glasgow audience,  taking his time to pick out audience members to hand flowers too.

As the opening chords of A Hero’s Death echoed around the venue, Grian dressed in a blue and white shell suit, psyched himself up taking in every beat from the song and displaying this through his movement on stage, this carried its way in to the crowd and created the perfect bond between band and audience.

The band played songs from both their albums Dogrel and the latest album A Hero’s Death. This was the first play of the new album to most of the audience, and it sound powerful and larger than the first album. The Barrowland crowd were in top voice, singing word for word the opening songs including A Lucid Dream, Sha Sha Sha and the crowd pleaser I Don’t Belong.

Grian feeling the heat in his shell suit took his jacket off to reveal a Lou Reed t shirt, picking up the bottle of buckfast and plastic glass he lubricated his vocal cords as he was giving the performance of his life, enjoying every second of his adopted home crowd that welcomed him as a long-lost family member. Looking settled on Barrowlands big stage, he ran through Living in America, Hurricane Laughter and the awesome Televised Mind before closing this part of the set with Boys in the Better Land. As the band left the stage to take a welcome break, the atmosphere built in the venue to something that you would find at a football ground.

The set was short, filled with powerful songs from the bands two outstanding albums, a powerful performance, filled with emotion, made its way through the Barrowland crowd. The band returning to a heros welcome, closed the set with the epic Roy’s Tune and the fantastic Liberty Belle before saying their thanks and good byes to the Glasgow crowd that had sang their hearts out to what can only be described as a tremendous gig from the Fontaines DC, pulling you in to their show, leaving their mark on your heart and begging for more. This is a band that gives their all and lots more to entertain their fans.

Review and Photographs by James Edmond