CONCERT REVIEW : Erasure, Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow 2nd Oct 2021

Photograph credit Stephen Wilson


Andy Bell and Vince Clark from 80s pop aficionados Erasure return to the spotlight, and bring their Neon Tour north of the border for a handful of sell out shows in Glasgow and The Capitals.  Catching them on the second of three shows in the Armadillo, the duo have lost none of the glam, the glitz or the over the top razzmatazz they were famous for in their heyday, and perform for two hours, 24 tracks and plant the biggest smiles on the faces of the packed audience in the big, cavernous auditorium.

Erasure were formed by Ex Depeche Mode / Yazoo / Assembly man Vince Clark who advertised for a singer for a new project, and after Andy Bell responded and passed the audition, the band started writing and recording for the debut album Wonderland.  They had a few near misses in the singles chart before striking gold with the 1985 single Sometimes, which started a run of 23 consecutive UK top 20 chart singles, making them then one of the top acts in British popular music.  Many of those instantly recognisable hits would be showcased this evening, alongside a handful of tracks from the Neon album, their eighteenth release.

1991 hit Chorus opened the show, with Bell and Clark taking to the stage which was set out like a kid’s playground with swings and a roundabouts (they trying to make a point?), the music man taking up the rear on keys, and the front man as flamboyant as ever, donning tartan combat trousers and a bright blue, laced up, nipple exposing  corset.  The pair of backing singers complete the team, dressed elegantly in lime green and orange, and the stage is illuminated woith all the colours of the rainbow, a sight to behold.

New tracks from the recent record are interspersed with the big hitters, and this is what the crowd came to see.  The Circus, Who Needs Love Like That, A Little Respect, Sometimes and Drama!, every song a classic, and guaranteed to have the most sit-down audience member on their feet, singing along.  It’s a party atmosphere like the Armadillo has not seen for a long time, and goes to show that great tunes never go out of fashion.  The crowd of all ages are loving this nostalgia-fest and can’t get enough of the oldies.  Stop, Victim of Love, Oh l’amour and set closer Chains of Love and the evening was done in what feels like the blink of an eye.

Andy Bell is in fine voice which is great to see, the new tunes slot in seamlessly with the old classics, it’s a great set, a fabulous show and a band who never take themselves too seriously, all the ingredients for a barnstormer of a gig and a fantastic night out. Erasure are still a great band with plenty left in the tank, catch them if you can, you couldn’t possibly be disappointed.

Review & Photography by Stephen Wilson