CONCERT REVIEW : Bury Tomorrow & August Burns Red SWG3 Glasgow 23rd October 2022

Bury Tomorrow & August Burns Red SWG3 Glasgow 23rd October 2022

A rain drenched day in Glasgow, wasn’t going to stop the crowd arriving early at the SWG3 venue to see two of the biggest metalcore bands from the UK and USA join forces on the co-headlined tour in the UK & Europe. Inside the venue t-shirts from both bands were widely on view, tonight was indeed going to be special.

A great warm up from French band Novelists got the show on the road, the crowd were ready for the first of the main bands, August Burns Red, the lights dimmed, dry ice filled the stage, intro music started playing System of a Down’s Chop Suey, it was that time. The first view of the band as they stepped on to the SWG3 stage was welcomed with an almighty applause, continuing the intro with their own style of the classic SOAD song, a perfect start to greet the Glasgow faithful. The venue was packed and ready, August Burns Red giving it to them hard with the opening tracks including Vengeance and Bloodletter, lead singer Jake Luhrs said how good it was to be here, encouraging the crowd to form circle in front of the stage.  The energy from the stage was eminence, lead singer Jake covering every inch, treating the fans to a night to remember from the band, the dry ice and pyrotechnics enhanced the epic sound that was created.

A great mix of songs from new to old including Invisible Enemy, Back Burner and Composure were enjoyed by the masses, fans keeping the security busy with a constant stream of crowd surfers as the classic songs from the band echoed out around the venue. This was a powerful set, a great live performance from the band, closing their show with an almighty bang with the impressive Ghost, a slightly slower intro, the crowd joined in and sang along it was a perfect way to take in air for what was going to be an epic close to their set.  It couldn’t get any heavier with Marianas Trench, a standout track with layered lyrics, powerful guitars and thunderous drums, the Glasgow crowd went wild, a track that gets better and better the more you hear it, the fans just loved it. There was no time to draw breath, introducing their final track of the evening with the excellent Whitewashed, the Glasgow crowd gave thanks singing loudly during the chorus, a perfect ending to a powerhouse set.

Next up was the UK’s favourite Metalcore sons Bury Tomorrow, the security knew they were in for a busy night ahead of them. As the first chord was struck lead vocalist Daniel Winter-Bates was on top of the risers, taking in the crowd, the band opened the set with the impressive Choke delighting the fans as they erupted in front of them with emotion, the crowd surfers were in their element as they moved from the rear of the hall to the front. Daniel encouraged the crowd to form circle pits as the band performed The Grey (VIXI) and the excellent Black Flame, the hall erupted in full voice. The band taking in every inch of the stage rocking out to the sold-out Glasgow crowd. Daniel spoke to the crowd saying it was so good to be back in Glasgow, accounting his first time with the band was when he was a 16-year-old, and how he still has the same desire to perform in front of crowds like this is what keeps him going. He recounted further that when the crowd is not there anymore then neither will the band. The crowd erupted into applause as the band performed the excellent Earthbound flowed by The Age.

Tonight, the stewards earned their wages, smoothly dealing with the continued sea of crowd surfers as the band performed track after track, an experience that Bury Tomorrow brings to their live shows. A band enjoying the emotions of playing in front of their fans, equally reciprocated and evident by the fan’s interactions expressing their satisfaction for the band music and live performances. Continuing their set with the crowd pleaser Man on Fire from the Ruins album of 2014 had the mosh pit going wild. The band brought their set to a close in epic style with the Cannibal, and Death (Ever Colder), the perfect high to finish a set, leaving the Glasgow crowd wanting more. In true style, Bury Tomorrow continues to produce a driving setlist that will drain every bit of energy from you as they deliver a fast-paced set evoking the ultimate work out. This is without a doubt a tour worth catching in a town near you. The Ultimate Metalcore battle of the finest musicians around the scene.

Review & Photographs by James Edmond

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