CONCERT REVIEW : Far From Saints – Pavilion Theatre Glasgow 17th November 2023

Far From Saints, an innovative new project, brings together members of renowned music groups, including Stereophonics’ leader, Kelly Jones, and Patty Lynn and Dwight Baker from The Wind and The Wave. The band has created waves in the music industry with their newly released debut album, which is known for its unusual blend of Americano, country rock, and folk music styles. Jones, Lynn, and Baker have produced a sound that is both innovative and highly evocative by combining their individual musical backgrounds. Far From Saints is currently touring in support of their debut album, offering fans the opportunity to hear their distinct sound live.

Maya Lane, the support act at Glasgow’s Pavilion Theatre tonight, enchanted the audience. Those who arrived early were treated to a superb acoustic session, in which her passionate vocals resonated throughout the venue, enthralling everyone in attendance. Maya wowed the audience with her recent dramatic track, “Just A Girl.” The evening’s highlight, however, was a duet with Dwight Baker from The Wind and The Wave. This was the first time the Glasgow audience saw Dwight’s brilliance on the Pavilion stage, and it left an indelible impression. Maya’s outstanding performance set the tone for the main act, Far From Saints.

Kelly Jones, a well-known musician, started on a solo tour in 2019, accompanied by the musical combo The Wind and The Wave, comprised of Patty Lynn and Dwight Baker. This collaboration was fruitful, as Jones, Lynn, and Baker discovered a unique synergy and cooperated on multiple tracks. What started as a few songs turned into an entire album’s worth of content, which they amazingly wrote in just nine days. Their collaborative efforts highlighted Jones, The Wind, and The Wave’s artistic synchrony, ushering in a new chapter in their musical journey.

Kelly Jones, best known for his rocking guitar work and involvement with Stereophonics, recently collaborated with a softer, subtler, and kinder country rock sound. His rough, unique voice blends beautifully with Patty Lynn’s delicate, soulful tones from the renowned music combo The Wind and The Wave. Dwight Baker’s superb production effectively blends Jones’ and Lynn’s complimentary vocals, providing an amazing musical experience filled with great harmonies and forceful solos. This particular blend of music is a refreshing shift and fits the duo brilliantly, projecting an altogether new side to their musical repertoire.

Kelly Jone and Patty Lynn were just two of the tremendous voices that dominated the stage that night, each bringing their own distinct energy and emotion to the show. Lynn’s beautiful voice linked every word of ‘Let’s Turn This Back Around’ with pure sincerity, while Jone’s gruff tone gave the lyrics of ‘Screaming Hallelujah’ a raw, sincere edge. Dwight Baker’s guitar work brought depth and resonance to the songs, boosting the entire musical experience, which complemented these performers’ performances.

‘Screaming Hallelujah’ served as the opening track, setting the tone as a toe-tapping opener that evoked emotions in the audience, a suitable icebreaker for the forthcoming intense tracks. Patty Lynn’s deep voice brought the heartbreaking lyrics of “Faded Black Tattoo” to life for the audience. The tracks ‘Own It’ and ‘Gonna Find What’s Killing Me’ were also filled with real passion, displaying Kelly Jone and Patty Lynn’s vocal prowess. Each song demonstrated the synergistic partnership of these outstanding musicians and their ability to create appealing, passionate music.

Kelly Jones and Patty Lynn’s remarkable vocal duet wowed the Glasgow audience with a riveting interpretation of The Allman Brothers’ hit, Midnight Rider. Their harmonies blended wonderfully, creating a one-of-a-kind blend of rhythm and melody that had the audience hanging on every word. The band’s rendition of the renowned tune demonstrated their musical prowess and set the tone for the remainder of the evening. The concert proved their incredible understanding of the Allman Brothers’ music, with each note and chord ringing with authenticity and power.

Following Midnight Rider, the band delivered an outstanding rendition of two of their original songs, Let the Light Shine Over and The Ride. Kelly and Patty’s incredible vocals popped out once more, the duo’s connection producing beauty on stage. Dwight Baker’s instrumental prowess matched them beautifully, bringing dimension to the performances. The audience rose to their feet in unison as the band finished their set and retired for a brief interval. Their gratitude echoed throughout the venue, echoing the excitement and adoration that Kelly Jones, Patty Lynn, and Dwight Baker had elicited with their outstanding musical abilities.

As the band hit the stage to a thunderous reception, they pleased the fans with the Cher cover Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) before the audience sung along with the band to Tom Petty’s cover of American Girl. These were two wonderful renditions of old songs that pleased the Glasgow audience and demonstrated the band’s ability to make great songs their own. It was time for the band to bid their final goodbyes, and Glasgow showed their appreciation with a standing ovation. Everyone in the venue will remember this as a fantastic night of music for years to come. If you have the opportunity to see the band live, take it; you will not be disappointed.

As the final chords of the main song faded, the audience erupted in anticipation of the encore, echoing throughout the legendary Glasgow theatre. Kelly Jones, Patty Lynn, and Dwight Baker, collectively known as the band, returned to the stage to thunderous ovation. They began their encore with a captivating cover of Cher’s ‘Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down),’ leaving the audience in amazement with their unique interpretation of the song. Their enthusiasm did not end there. The audience was soon in ecstasy, singing along to a strong performance of Tom Petty’s “American Girl.” Both versions demonstrated the band’s immense brilliance as they breathed new life into these classics, imprinting them with their individual touch, much to the delight of the Glasgow audience. As the band said their goodbyes, the Glasgow audience responded with a standing ovation, completing a historic night in the city’s musical history. Seeing Kelly, Patty, and Dwight live is an absolute must for anyone who have yet to experience their performances—a guarantee of a memorable musical trip.

Photographs by James Edmond 

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