Colin Macleod shares video for ‘Old Soul’ featuring Sheryl Crow


Colin Macleod recently introduced his upcoming second album ‘Hold Fast’ by sharing its lead single ‘Old Soul’. Timeless and evocative, the song’s bewitching Hebridean take on Americana was elevated by a guest feature courtesy of Sheryl Crow, who he has previously toured with. 

Macleod now shines fresh light on the song by sharing its official video, which was directed by David Martin.Macleod commented, “The video for ‘Old Soul’ is a window into another time, filmed in a place where time has almost stood still. ‘Old Soul’ isn’t about feeling old, it’s about being born out of time. I think that’s something a lot of people can relate to. Thanks to Dave, Jim and Iona for making this such a beautiful wee film.” 

The video’s first aerial shot makes an instant impression. Off the coast of the Isle of Lewis sits a tiny island inhabited by just one building. It’s a gorgeously serene setting but stark in its beauty, and the house appears to have been unchanged in decades. 

Inside a young woman waits until a boatman arrives to row her to the adjacent coast. Despite her youth she’s an old soul living in the present day, which reflects the idea behind the song. Macleod was inspired to write it after thinking back to the stories his uncle would tell him about life on the Isle of Lewis back in the ‘40s and ‘50s. 

‘Hold Fast’ is an album informed by a rich tapestry of tradition, community and the rugged ways of island life. From introspective acoustic folk to Springsteen-style widescreen rock, it tells a fictional story embedded in truth that mirrors Macleod’s own experiences. It’s the evergreen story of a man going out into the world, only to realise he has all he needs in front of him. 

Set to be released on January 29th under a new deal with SO Recordings‘Hold Fast’ is now available to pre-order / pre-save here

Colin Macleod first left the Isle of Lewis in 2009. He was spotted playing a gig in an Aberdeen pub by an A&R from Universal, which culminated in the release of the ‘Fireplace’ album under the moniker The Boy Who Trapped The Sun in 2010. Homesick and burned out by the experience, he returned to the island and eventually had a realisation: stories of life in this remote part of the world gave him something fascinating and unique to write about. It was a style that resonated throughout his debut album ‘Bloodlines’

Now he lives an intriguing dual existence. ‘Bloodlines’ earned widespread critical acclaim, leading to shows with Roger WatersRobert Plant and Sheryl Crow as well as a performance on The Late Late Show with James Corden. But more commonly you’ll find him at home on the island, where he raises a flock of sheep, teaches salmon fishing and surfs. 

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