ALBUM REVIEW: Dido – Still on my Mind

She returns with the sweet voice of an angel with a remarkable album “Still on my Mind”, with life filled memories and passion, backed with synth and her folk roots. The album opens with “Hurricanes”, taking you on a dreamy journey, before going into the wind and with electronic hip hop dance beats, with Dido’s haunting vocals captivating your imagination.

The influence of her brother Rollo from Faithless gives the album a lot more backbone and imagination, this is noted throughout. “Give You Up” shows Dido at her best, with a basic piano arrangement along with her strong passionate vocals makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.  “Hell After This”, sees the album explode with a dance arranged track, a little different from what you would expect from Dido, but works extremely well. The album is taking Dido back to her classic “No Angel”, providing listening pleasure and an urgency to take it all in and feel the lyrics, this is what you get from “Take You Home”, a masterpiece that stands highly with the likes of “White Flag”.

The album explores different sides of Dido, from her emotional ballads, to the up beat dance  tracks featuring her amazing vocal range,  found on “Mad Love”, differing from the norm from Dido,  but works well with layered vocal and catchy beat and electronic synth. The album features many levels of Dido, but the main level focus is this album stands on its own above the critically acclaimed “No Angel

Still on My Mind” is the album we have been waiting for, a real return to form,  feeling so much better, as she has found that hard to find second album has taken her to a whole new level, with bringing her songs back to basics and delivering a passionate vision, gripping your deepest imagination.  This album should be on repeat, as the more you listen to the music and lyrics the more you see why this is going to be a classic.

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