TOUR NEWS : Goodbye Mr Mackenzie cancel Dec 17th Barrowland show due to Covid concerns.

Photo Credit Richard Gass

“We’re gutted to have to announce that the Barrowland concert (Dec 17th) has been postponed.

We were turning ourselves inside out trying to make a decision all day today. We feel that government have foisted this duty upon artists and the hospitality sector. They’re telling us in the media that Covid infections are doubling every day and if not contained will create a disaster.

They’re telling people to stay home but not compensating venues for the financial hardship this advice is causing. So as it’s now our responsibility, we’ve decided to wait till a better time of year to play for you, maybe late spring 2022.

Dates are being considered by Regular music and the Barrowland Ballroom at the moment.  

We know people have travelled and have paid for accommodation. It’s heartbreaking that we don’t feel it’s safe to play for you.

We hope you understand that we’re doing this for the safety the fans and the safety of the band & crew, some of whom have serious underlying health conditions. All we can say is sorry and hope that we will see you somewhere down the line.

Take care of yourselves and have a great Christmas. Goodbye Mr Mackenzie”

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