TOUR NEWS : Delilah Bon, the alter-ego of Lauren Tate from Hands Off Gretel, has announced her first UK tour for September and October


I’m so excited to finally let Delilah Bon out of the cage this year. I have so much pent-up energy to bring to the live show and now it’s finally time! Girls to the front!” DELILAH BON

DELILAH BON – the alter-ego of LAUREN TATE from HANDS OFF GRETEL – has announced her first UK tour for the autumn of this year, following the release of her hugely acclaimed debut self-titled album.

Built on the firm foundations of no-nonsense female empowerment, DELILAH BON fuses hip-hop, punk, nu-metal and pretty much everything in between to prick up the ears and turn the heads of an army of women and girls who love what she represents.

I was touring with my punk band Hands Off Gretel and night after night I was hearing stories from young girls being harassed in the crowd,” Delilah recalls. “When I spoke out online, I was met with resistance, and it infuriated me. I had all these words flowing out of me too fast to write down, so I programmed a beat and started rapping for the first time; it was my motivation during a dark time.”

Emerging from a punk rock background, Delilah combines screaming vocals and nu-metal guitar riffs with melodic rap and trashy hip hop beats. It’s a sound that’s hard to categorise.

 “The music I make is like Cardi B fronting Slipknot,” she explains, “it’s a mesh of all the styles that have influenced me up to now. I flow between two personas – sometimes I’m sweet and sassy; sometimes I’m screaming at you with an axe.” 


Thu        15          BIRMINGHAM                   Hare & Hounds

Fri          16          NOTTINGHAM                   Bodega

Sat         17          NEWCASTLE                       Cluny 2

Thu        22          LONDON                            Colours

Fri          23          BRIGHTON                         Patterns

Sat         24          BRISTOL                              Exchange

Thu        29          SHEFFIELD                          Leadmill

Fri          30          MANCHESTER                    Deaf Institute


Sat         01          LEEDS                                 Key Club

Thu        06          GLASGOW                          Nice N Sleazy

Fri          07          LIVERPOOL                         Arts Club 

Tickets on sale from 9.00am on MONDAY 21 MARCH via:

 “The Delilah Bon persona unleashes a whole new level of clever, sarcastic, empathetic, and righteously angry lyrics, offering help to those that need it and a firm middle finger to the rest. The living embodiment of the DIY attitude. As Huggy Bear yelled back in the 90s ‘this is happening without your permission’ …” LOUDER THAN WAR

Delilah Bon flows like an unstoppable force. This is a record that has feminism at its heart. It asks you to listen rather than wave a preachy finger; a subtle difference that we sometimes forget …” DEVOLUTION

We could have dedicated part of this review to all the topics and facets of feminism Delilah tackles on her record but, honestly, what’s the point? We’ll never do it as powerfully as she does, so instead, here’s an instruction: PUT THE ALBUM ON! And know it was made by a boss babe who literally made everything you can see and hear, and know that you’re just as much of a boss babe as she is …” BITTERSWEET PRESS

Delilah Bon has shown us a new side to Lauren Tate; her rapping flair, her production talent and, most importantly, her message. There’s not been a record like this from either the nu-metal or hip-hop world in quite a long time …” NOIZZE

Listen to the album here:

Watch the videos here:

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